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  1. Count me in cowboy! I don`t want to miss it this time!!!
  2. Can someone give me Longhunters Phone #, I have a sharp tail i want him to work on.
  3. Thanks to C.N. Double and Back 40 for the positive feedback!! I know Oklahoma has a lot of WB shooters. Need more pards like you instead of naysayers like the ghost guy.
  4. Congrats to all of the Wild Bunch State champs!! We all Work hard at doing well in any competition. With Wild Bunch you really have to be on your game! I understand that it`s not for everyone and the shooter count is low but when i got my "medallion" in the mail i thought it was a joke. it`s the size of a golf ball !! In 2018 it was twice that size! Must of used all there money on the new digs!!
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