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  1. Sorry about your ELk hunt BIg Sage.. You could have rode or walked around in my pasture for 1/2 hour and got one. They came through on the first day of the last season.

  2. Hey Gal.. How the heck are ya?

  3. Howdy Rex!! How are ya Darlin?

  4. Hey BJ! A cutter friend of mine says there was a man from Moriarity at the Ogden show who died from a respitory illness. 3 kids and a wife in his 40s. His horse had that virus too. Have you heard anything about that?

  5. So where Am I on your friends list??

  6. Hi Expressman, Sorry my computer was being down with a virus. Wanda Aneeda was on the advisory board but I guess she has already been in contact with you.

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