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  1. What do you mean by "whip?" I shoot an AWA in both .45 and .44-40. The .45 is my favorite main match rifle, and as long as I keep it clean, it never gives me any trouble. I also have 2 Colts in .32-20 and .44-40. The AWA seems to be very similar to the Colt. It will slam fire, for example, and you don't have to do the above mentioned "dance." The .45 does have a bit of blowback, which means you have to clean it after every match to keep it working. Especially the firing pin channel. The .44-40s and the .32-20 don't have the blowback problem, for all the oft stated reasons. Based on my personal experience, I would not hesitate to recommend the AWA. A real Colt I would recommend cautiously, in that they are old guns, and may need some work to overcome any problems caused by age. When I was first in the market for a Lightning, to have one just to have one, I was able to compare the AWA, Beretta and Taurus. Based on that comparison, I bought the AWA and have never regretted it. I was just not interested in the other two. That being said, I am in the process of having a Taurus worked over by Lassiter and converted to .44 Special. But he can make them work. If you wanna go the Taurus route, which is not recommended, you will have to have worked on to make it function properly. Everyone says the Pedersoli is great out of the box, but I have never handled one. It was once pointed out to me that when people buy a new Uberti lever gun that most folks don't even think twice about immediately having some work done to them, and yet, when they hear you have to have work done to a new Lighting, people balk at that requirement. Makes you think, doesn't it?
  2. With old breaktops, use black powder or a sub according to the directions.
  3. If any of your remember my previous posts about the problems I was having with my vintage Winchester 92 and antique Colt Lightning, both in .32-20, I'd like to report that putting new magazine spring in both of them that the problems I was having seem to have vanished. I won't know for sure until I actually fire them, but the both cycled a full magazine's worth of cartridges with no problems. And yes, the original springs on both did have some noticeable "defects." Dented, compressed and stretched coils, and well as a a couple bends in the Winchester. Oddly, the Winchester's spring was in much worse shape in spite of being decades younger than the Colt. But, they are both fixed! As far as I can tell.
  4. Is Tombstone worth it? Well... Where else can you stand by a sign that says it's illegal to carry a gun in town while wearing an honest to goodness Buntline Special? Last time I made a trip out west, I stopped in Tombstone for a couple of hours. Walked around a bit, had lunch, and got myself photographed. I also developed a desire to return and spend a day or three there to see it all in detail. Prolly even dress up a little more if I went back. Plus, a little checking tells me there's more than a few interesting things in the "modern" part of the city that are worth seeing. And I really wanna do a Cowboy Shoot there. Buntline on the left hip, S&W American on the right. That'd be "authentically inauthentic."
  5. I saw those and thought they were pretty cool. But I believe they are all 5 shots, and pocket pistols.
  6. Just looked it up. .32 S&W is 12,000 psi .32 S&W Long is 15,000 psi. Wiki is our friend at times. Oh, and looking over the past few posts, were you thinking I'd convert an Uberti 1860 to more or less give me a match pair? I don't usually shoot matched pairs. I like variety. At my last shoot, I was shooting .32-30 out of a 3rd Gen SAA and a Bisley Colt, for example.
  7. I don't see why not. If you can covert a real Colt by replacing the cylinder and barrel, then it would work for a clone. Bu I already have an 1860 like that. Why would I want 2?
  8. Are there any full size, that is to say, main match, pistols on the market that are chambered for .32 S&W Long? I have an 1860 Colt (made in 1861) that has been cartridge converted to this round. It's clearly a "modern" conversion with a rather new looking cylinder and barrel. (Which is why I got fairly cheap.) But now I have this one gun in this caliber and nothing to pair it with. Yeah, I know I could use something chambered for .32 H&R and just run Longs in it, but I'd really have something more akin to what I have than something totally modern. I suppose one option would be a cylinder for my .32-20 3rd Gen Colt if such things are made. Or where there any guns made back in the day I should hunt for? Or is anybody making anything? I'm just asking in case anybody knows.
  9. This is the closest I can give you to an idea... This is my 86. .45-70. I got it a few years ago for $1700. It's the ONLY one I've ever seen for less than 2 grand. It is an antique. The barrel has been shortened, and the original magazine had been cut back to a button one. Obviously I "restored" the magazine to "full" length. Which was interesting cuz the dovetail for the hanger had been filled in with solder. Whoever shortened the barrel did an excellent job, and you'd be hard pressed to say it was not original, but I am pretty sure it is not. For one thing, the factory letter did not back up the configuration I got it in. All of that added up to the "low" price I got it for. And even that was still a good chunka change! So, I'd be willing to say that yours is worth a lot more than mine, considering what it looks like in the pictures.
  10. 86's usually command a premium price. I am no expert, but based on what I have seen in various gun stores, not online, I'd say this gun could fetch 5 figures.
  11. Even of the belt/holster is not "worth much," selling it with the gun may make the whole package more attractive. You could probably add another $100 to the asking price by including it, even if the rig itself is only worth half that. On the other hand, it would be wise to research the leather along with the gun. I might be worth something.
  12. If this a modern made Italian copy, they did a very good job of making it look old. If it was real, based on serial number 18, I believe it should have Walker style grips. On the other hand, if it is real, it's a mystery. Curiouser and curiouser....
  13. Looks like a first model Dragoon to me. Oddly, the only serial number 18 that come up on the Colt serial number lookup online is a Single Action Army made in 2007. I sometimes wonder how accurate that thing is...
  14. Well, comparing it to the various S&W's, Remingtons, Merwin & Hulberts, and various cap & ball conversions that were it contemporary alternatives, it was just the best gun on the market. It fits the hand well, is a natural pointer, and is a comfortable pistol shoot and carry. Not to say the alternatives were not good guns, but the SAA was just that much better than the others. At least, that's the conclusion I come to when I compare the ones I have.
  15. Assuming fair condition, but still shootable, they seem to be going for around 1500 giver or take a couple of hundred bucks. Ones in good to excellent condition seem to be going for 3 to 5k.
  16. I have recently discovered for sale a 20 gauge Parker. The first number in its 4 digit price is NOT a crooked one, and given the rarity of that, (I'm STILL shocked that I found a 12 gauge for $800 2 years ago, even if it was a Trojan) I am seriously considering purchasing it. I have not physically seen the gun yet, but I will probably go take a look at it this weekend. I already load 20 gauge for use in my grandfather's pump gun he bought during WW2, so that's not a problem. Although I am normally a 97 guy, I have been known to shoot a SxS on occasion. I have both an 18" and 30" Parker 12 gauge, I like 'em. But, I don't think I've ever seen anyone using a 20 gauge at a cowboy shoot. A quick check of the Handbook confirms that it is legal, but does anyone actually USE it? Part of the reason I've considered trying 20 is very simple. I haven't had a chance to reload and 12 for while, but have a healthy supply of ready to go 20 gauge shells that could get me through maybe 5 matches before I ran out. (Not that I'd use it all up before I did start reloading, but it's nice to have options.) Any thoughts on the matter?
  17. I know a gunsmith based in Natick, Mass named Sergey Lyalko. He does excellent work in general, and he did this for me... This my "Big Iron" that I had created based on an online description of the pistol that inspired the Marty Robbins song. The frame is an Armi San Marco, and the barrel is a cut down Rossi 92. Not exactly like the original Big Iron, but pretty close. If he could do this, I am sure he could do a simpler version if asked. Here's his website... https://www.rustbluing.com/
  18. And I know nothing about it. How does it clean up? Useful for shotshells?
  19. The Magtech brass shells work in it quite well. Those you can put a small taper crimp on. I did lengthen the chamber and forcing cone in my 87. A couple of well respected cowboy gunsmiths told me "offically" they recommend against it, but know of shooters who have run "thousands" of rounds through guns so modified. I don't think I would do it myself. (That's what the reproductions are for.) Aside from that, I have trimmed a buncha AA's back to 2-1/2" for use in a few other old guns I have with short chambers. There's nothing left to fold over, but just enough to give a slight "roll crimp" to hold the overshot card in place.
  20. I know my 87 does not have Damascus. I asked because I saw a 1901 advertised and the listing said it had a Damascus barrel. I immediately wondered if the poster was confused about something because I know the 01's were designed for smokeless, and we've all had it drilled into us that Damascus barrels are for black powder only. I have decided that, sooner or later, I'm gonna get an 01. Just trying to decide how to feed it. I may get some RMC 10 gauge brass. Expensive, but compared to the cost of the gun, not very much so.
  21. That IS interesting. If anyone ever organizes a "Frankengun" shoot, this would clearly qualify! Tempted to start a separate thread on that concept, but I won't.
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