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  1. Iran is being credited with taking out 50% of Saudi Arabia's oil production. CNBC says oil could go up $10 a barrel next week. Guess who benefits from that? WE DO. Now that we are a net exporter of oil , higher oil prices means more profits for our oil companies. Iran just helped our economy by hitting the saudi's.
  2. I've wanted one of these for years but am fighting it as trying to thin things out these days. Btt while I think on it some more
  3. Early in the movie Outlaw Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood shows federal gun confiscation.
  4. One reason for no flags could be something I heard on the radio recently. Supposedly a study was done that determined that seeing an American flag stirs patriotism and caused people to vote Republican. Seeing the flag in a parade like a 4th of july parade caused people to sway Republican for months afterward. This was a reason why the Democrats opposed the President's parade and fly over, to prevent patriotism and pride in our country and president
  5. Btt because it is a pretty rifle. I have often thought of getting one since I heard teddy roosevelt had one.
  6. Didn't clint Eastwood use an engraved Henry in For a Few Dollars More in the final scene?
  7. This is the new model with gold bead front sight, 3 inch barrel.
  8. Their anthem says England shall never ever be slaves but if someone else tells you that you can't leave then you are a slave or they view you as one
  9. Selling is even cheaper than a barrel. Btw to answer the question, yes the colt followed me home. Crisp trigger, good balance. Average accuracy, but will try again with better ammo to see if it gets better
  10. Say a glock 23 , can fire 357 sig with the right barrel?
  11. I was in bass pro and looking at a colt 357 revolver and then at ammo and the guy steered me to the ammo he thought I should get and then suddenly he said his shift was over and I needed to give him an answer so I hurriedly grabbed a box of 357 sig by accident. So I am curious about how the 357 sig pistol is and should I consider it since I have 20 rounds. I found used police trade ins online for 350 to 400
  12. I know, I just like to vent over silly things once in a while, it means most other things are going fine
  13. I'm watching a JAG reruns and a Marine general said another Marine officer was in the first gulf war at the Battle of Medina Ridge. I am ticked. The marines were not anywhere near Medina Ridge. I would know. Why do Marines piggy back on things the Army does?
  14. Walgreens bought half the rite aids, including ours, but open carry is not the way to go, concealed is better
  15. I've been reading articles by newt Gingrich and he has been drawing comparisons between now and 1972 and the hippie movement back then, who hated cops and the military and used violence to get their point across about how immoral the military was and came up with the idea of global warming to get house wives and moms "participating " in the antiwar movement. The idea being the more that they could get to participate and protest , the more likely they will win. His point being that the hippie movement faded out and law and order prevailed. I knew a hippie growing up and he told me they were taught how to spot someone who is pro establishment to target them. He was friendly to me but did tell me he could tell I was pro establishment.
  16. I'm glad someone bought the governor.
  17. I think it might solve a problem for parents with kids who roam the woods but are not ready for a rifle that shoots longer range bullets but need something for snakes in the woods. Also be good in areas where you have neighbors nearby but have squirrels in your house or trying to get in
  18. I'm trying to decide if I will keep it or use it for hiking or to teach safety with it to my children, or sell it.
  19. My other guns have the rods and oiled, just odd that the heritage would rust like that so fast . Tells me the Ruger is a better way to go
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