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  1. I have siblings who are staunch Trump haters. 3 to be exact. My mom is a Trump supporter. Off and on the siblings would remove her from the family chat group if she said something pro Trump. I was never invited at all for various reasons like telling my brother to put down the beer and go get a job. The siblings let my mom back on . She will post pics of my baby goats or her new life living at the end of my driveway. On her own page she still posts pro Trump messages. My mom posted something about antifa blending in with the protest and causing problems and
  2. I've actually done that. Santa comes dressed during the day of Christmas eve as well as again in secret that night and sits my children in his lap and gives them a present and leaves me a present. Sometimes he leaves a screw driver or wrench or a glock and then kisses my wife before leaving before I get back home
  3. We watched the Russell crowe version of les miserable and it indeed was miserable but my oldest wanted to watch it and came out of her bedroom and went with us to grandma's at the end of the driveway to watch it .
  4. Or if you have a ruger 10/22 there is a youth stock available, I have one , mounted for my oldest daughter years ago but she rarely fired it until I mounted the regular sized one painted pink. A have a second daughter but she doesn't seem interested in shooting
  5. Yes, there is 22 mag available, but zero 22lr, 17 hmr is also available. In anticipation of buying a xt22 1911 22 mag i bought enough the manual says is needed to break it in, but then decided why? If I'm going to carry a full size 1911 then carry a 45. So I have some on hand, plus I've been carrying a 22 nag mini revolver for years as a back up
  6. I could see weight being a factor so for squirrels and such the American is a better choice but bench rest the precision is better, is what I'm gathering.
  7. Is one better than the other as far as accuracy? If you got one in 22 mag what optics would you put on the precision since it doesn't have sights?
  8. My local store brantleys marine and gun had one the other day. I think it was 22lr. They are in vidalia. He is my neighbor.
  9. I like to add hot sauce when cooking my gravy. Cooks the heat out a little but leaves a good flavor
  10. All I know is don't ever have sudden sinus drainage in the pulpit while preaching and have to cough. The congregation starts looking like a bunch of surgeons or bank robbers. In a hurry.
  11. I need to count out how much 12 gauge as I got a pm about it. We had a busy day. My son had surgery today. He did well but the dr said it was worse than he thought and found a bone fragment. Dr said he wants him in a sling longer than anticipated and no sports of any kind for at least 6 months. Said he didn't have the body for college football when high school football was mentioned. I'm going to use that to keep him out of that sport.
  12. It makes sense upon hearing that as don't they say the same thing about the flu vaccine, to wait if you recently had the flu? Seems i recall that
  13. My son is back there in preop for shoulder surgery right now. GA hospitals are stressed they say but this hospital specialized in orthopedic needs so has the schedule full with surgery today
  14. I just wanted the space and don't see any need to keep them for now
  15. That link helps. $46 for 44.40 and $42 for 45lc. On an earlier post i had offered $36 a box for 45lc so that was reasonable. I could ask for 41 a box and include shipping in that price and be ok. Probably ask for something lower for the 12 gauge
  16. I just figured that since I doubt my sons would clean the guns right away after shooting them, I'd be better off selling the rounds.
  17. I have a few hundred rounds of blackpowder ammo from GOEX and great basin. 45 long colt and 44.40. I also have GOEX 12 guage ammo. What is a fair price per box ? How bad will shipping cost be? It is just sitting there. I may keep one box or two of the 44.40 just because I have an original 1873 rifle, but doubt I shoot the rest.
  18. He got it for his birthday. It was mine and he had been eyeing it . Plus he said he wants to keep it because it is the nra edition. It is a takedown so easier to clean. There are a few 10/22 in town but only 1 of the new version of the takedown, the rest are normal rifles.
  19. That is why I never bought the pistol version, too much left to who is running the show.
  20. How reasonable cost is ruger to repair a 22 rifle? I might could sell the garand 22 and buy another takedown like his and pocket the rest.
  21. https://www.foxnews.com/us/pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-allergic-reactions
  22. Kingston armory made a 22 version of the garand. It used a ruger 10/22 receiver and magazine. I'm wondering what they are worth now. I ask because my son slap wore out his ruger 10/ 22 NRA edition. The magazine now wiggles in the magazine well, it no longer holds a tight group, it jams even after a complete breakdown and cleaning. If the Kingston is still cheap I may let him have mine for Christmas, if not I may do something else.
  23. I agree , no wolf ammo. No steel case period. I bought some winchester steel case 9mm. I loaded it in a smith and wesson and the cases took time and effort to get out.
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