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  1. An 18 year old girl also still in school. The local gas stations and liquor stores don’t check ID, they had been hanging out at the Walmart parking lot every night and after drinking there went for a ride. 2 of them lived 30 minutes away from here but hang out at our walmart
  2. I asked my son why were these still in high school kids out so late and he said because their parents don’t care and because they are over 18 so can’t stop them. I’m thinking about what my dad said often,” so long as you live under my roof you better be in bed before I am, and as long as you are under my roof you obey my rules “. The boy that died turned 19 in February and the girl that died is a senior but turns 19 on the 19th of this month.
  3. He often complained I had a 10:30 if not sooner curfew when he lived at home. He now lives in the cabin behind us. Maybe now he understands why I had curfews all those years. 2:30 is late for anyone, my dad always said “nothing good happens after 9pm”. He was so right.
  4. I’m hoping that they all learn from it. I’m thankful my son was home. He works for the John Deere dealer fixing tractors so had to be at work at 6:30 so glad he was home sleeping.
  5. My son had 4 friends who were between 17-19 years old, none old enough to drink. One in particular he hung out with often and wanted to go into business with. evidently they thought it’d be a good idea to all drink and be out at 2:30 in the morning and all ride with the 17 year old girl. she wrecked, one boy and girl are dead, my sons friend is in critical condition with brain bleed and multiple skull fractures and is on oxygen. The driver has broken ribs and collar bone and will be charged.
  6. I really like congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. She ran for office holding an AR15.
  7. Sometimes I hand her a towel and drop it over her shoulders and tell her now”you’re super angry”. Works wonders
  8. I agree that is a good idea, told my son that just the other day. Back when he was 4 I took him to the CMP south store and he picked out a rack grade underwood. As he grew he took it hunting and was very accurate with it but it didn’t take the deer down. Now that he is 18 I told him to use it for his truck gun but he opted to buy a Henry x in 44 instead with money he earned fixing John Deere tractors
  9. my die stayed the same. Ive not had sweet tea or soda in years, only water or milk or coffee. I found that pecan butter made by a local farmer that ships nationwide helps bring high sugar down(godsons pecans.com) boiled eggs with no salt also helps. but eating balanced meals was not bringing the A1C down but a little. my weight is good. I don't think they are helping my energy but if the balance of nature works then great. I am taking the 3 vegetable and 3 fruits each day. one or the other had zero effect. I figure a spice or herb mixed with both must be helping. Jardiance is $600 a month, balance of nature is 90 a month. if I can get it to work then life gets cheaper.
  10. My cardiologist would like it if I had that. After my bypass I would complain about how my heart rate would drop to 45 bpm sometimes and she liked it. Wanted me to keep it low even during exercise.
  11. I decided to try balance of nature even though it is so expensive. One thing I noticed is that after the 3rd day my sugar would get to between 92 and 120 around bedtime and sometimes drop lower into the night but be at 135 or so when I woke up. Usually it was 170 to 180 or higher at bedtime and 175 when I woke up and rarely ever got below 100. After a week I decided to skip balance of nature and the result was back up above 200 . I restarted balance of nature and even on bad days when it went above 200 it didn't stay there and is now at 120 at 8pm when before balance of nature by this time my dexcom is beeping I'm above 200. I plan to consult my dr to see what the ingredient is that might be doing that. Im wondering if anyone else has had similar results.
  12. When I first was a police officer I carried a colt double eagle but one day tried the Sig P220 and my qualification scores jumped . I’ve been a fan since. The icing was the other day during the holiday I couldn’t find a part I needed and the ones I found, were not clear if it went with my pistol. I sent an email, but they were closed. a couple of business days later I got an email from Sig telling me they knew and have what I needed and could call me to purchase with a discount if I wanted. I said yes and gave my number. a couple of hours later my caller ID shows “Sig”. We got it done, they had my info on file already and a confirmation email was in my inbox. EXCELLENT customer service
  13. Wonder what affect that they would have on a vegetable garden? Would your tomatoes open your arteries?
  14. He was trying to see how a word is used and then manually write it down. The silly thing of it all is they demanded he not bring his phone the rest of the year and put him in in school suspension so after cleaning bleachers and doing school work he got on the school computer and got on YouTube as he was in a room by himself. Punished for doing schoolwork so got on YouTube.
  15. They have phones as some classes require them to use it for class work and use certain apps
  16. I got an email from the school that my son was in Bible class and finished his test so was doing his english homework. the teacher told him to get off his phone and he did then the teacher noticed the he had his phone hidden and was on chatGPT doing his english homework. He asked the english teacher if that was cheating and she said yes. My wife got ad and scheduled an appointment with the headmaster and he and his entourage said it was cheating. I said he was doing school work and didn't see a problem. He wasn't on youtube. they were insistent that it was cheating and he now has 2 days in school suspension and they don't want his phone at school any more. I knew the rest of the students use it and said so to which the counselor said hers didn't not knowing that hers taught mine about chatGPT.
  17. praying got to watch that stuff. I met a guy doing some work for me the other day and his wife wasn't well so he said he'd take her to the emergency room and miss work and she said no that she'd drive herself. he never saw her again.
  18. a couple of years ago our school held an auction so I donated a local made AR 15 that went for double what I paid for it. I bet if I bought the Sig and the school played this commercial as it was up for bidding it could go even higher
  19. the two times I shot her, I placed her in a long enough bowl of boiling soapy water and then cleaned her and while still warm, seasoned her with thompsons bore butter.
  20. I want to sell my 2nd generation colt 1860 army stainless finish. It includes a wooden lockable box. I fired it a a couple of matches years ago but not the entire match that I recall. It was the best functioning cap and ball pistol I ever owned. $1,200 shipped and insured. Now $800 shipped where legal and insured
  21. Does anyone have any experience with shadow systems pistols? Local store has one for 999 with threaded barrel
  22. I wish we could use photoshop on ourselves while in town.
  23. In 12 o clock high Gregory Peck played a 1 star general and flew some missions as group commander but that was a movie.
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