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  1. Looking at these Cimarron Model P Revolvers in .44-40, opinions? I have a set of new vaqueros in 357 but feeling like adding to the arsenal.
  2. Yes, he most certainly is licensed to manufacture and sell ammunition as well as manufacture and sell firearms, I thought that was pretty clear the second time around. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for the reply’s. Wade
  3. I’m new and just got my first match under my belt a few weeks ago so I don’t know squat but for a shotgun I always had a hankering for a hammered double. Steve Young supplied me with a blued TNN with reversed triggers and I absolutely love the thing. It falls open, loads and empties without a fuss and the hammers cock easily with one thumb. It was the only gun that I didn’t have a chance to fire prior to the match but it was dead on and a pleasure to shoot. When I buy another shotgun it will be probably be another hammered double.
  4. I should have been a bit more clear, the “guy” is actually local ammo supplier/custom gun maker, he’s insured and I trust his work. I’ve used his ammo for a number of firearms for range and personal defense. I have no safety concerns over the ammo.
  5. Hoping to get to my first event as a shooter in mid -December, this with some mods will be my starter cart. Wade
  6. Thanks everyone! great information. I’d love to start reloading my own but I have to figure out the methodology for an easily convertible space in our only spare room, I’m working with only 1060 sq ft of condo so the gear will have to disappear and stow away when not in use. It can be done but that’s not the priority for now. It’s all about the gear and actually getting out there. My single actions, rifle and first 1100 or so rounds of ammo are due to be picked up Wednesday, plan on hitting the range Thursday and I plan on spectating at an event on Saturday. Exciting stuff. Wade
  7. I won't be reloading because I don't have the space currently. but I'm curious as the question came up with the guy that will be loading for me, do you devise loads that seem equally effective in both the rifle or pistol or do you devise a load that runs perfectly in your rifle even if its a bit heavier then you would prefer in your pistols? I'm a complete novice at this game so I'm going with the thought that only stupid question is the one I don't ask. Wade
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