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  1. Doc Slinger goes to the range plenty, we started at the same time last December , he is near the top of the results these days, I just suck...
  2. I just started this game, a few things I figured out quickly. Number one is, you cowpokes and cowgirls are really, really good!! It’s amazing to watch. Number two was I was slow as flowing honey on a winter’s day. That’s OK, I can live with that. I live in a shoebox with no storage and reloading cowboy loads isn’t ever going to be a viable option, which is fine because I simply don’t have the time to shoot more than one match a month anyway. I have been and will be buying my cowboy action ammo, I started with everything in 38/357,I’ve gotten more than a few comments that my ammo is “hot” , it was as I said before “cowboy action ammo” I can’t help that it was hot, it was well within the posted limits. I then decided that I wanted to try black powder, that ammo was procured Buffalo Arms, 38’s were not available but .357 were, not cheap but as I said I’m a once a month cowboy. No comments that the ammo was hot, just some maneuvering to make sure they didn’t follow me (we basically shoot in a box open on one end) FYI, the marlin I was using at the time liked the .357 OAL much better than the .38. I’ve since decided two things, One, I like stinking up the joint, the black powder is here to stay, Two, I wasn’t feeling the .38/.357 firearms, I’m not talking recoil or feel, for me, I decided that cartridges available during the era we are emulating were more to my liking, not easier, certainly not cheaper, but better if only for myself. If 44 rim fire were around I’d use that but it ain’t so I’ll be shooting 38-40 and 44-40. If the spatter is a problem lets move further away, if the smoke is a problem, I got nothing for ya. Wade
  3. Just received 6 blocks, great workmanship, unbelievably quick turnaround from the order to the delivery..
  4. Good information, I'm replacing all .38's with 38-40 rifle and 44-40 pistols, like someone said, I better pay attention.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I've purchased the rifle. Wade
  6. Anyone have any experience with black powder in a 1866 Yellow Boy? I’m considering one, I am not and probably never will be a fast action shooter, that’s fine. I can have plenty of fun shooting stage times that are double what many consider passable and walk with a smile. What I discovered was I really love black powder shooting. The yellow boy is just an awesome looking weapon and as its available 38-40 so I was looking for some feedback on that combination . Wade
  7. SOLD: Price drop to $1400 OBO for SASS Ruger New Vaquero matched Set. Pistols purchased from Long Hunter Shooters Supply. I live in the St Pete FL area for local pickup or shipping paid by buyer to the buyers preferred FFL. Pistols have just three matches on them, not quitting but rethinking my firearms and caliber choices in keeping with my budding black powder proclivities. The pistols come with a red two gun hard case. (Marlin Sold pending funds) Pistols have the typical long hunter action & frame work which includes: Hone all internal parts and replace springs Rework sear and hammer for crisp 2 1/2lb. trigger pull Re-cut forcing cone to 11 degrees Square barrel face Check cylinder gap and head space They also have free spin cylinders and consecutive serial numbers.
  8. I actually got those off eBay, searched for CZ 75 Compact wood grips, they’re english walnut. Hogue makes some real nice looking wood grips for the CZ 75 And 1911’s but I couldn’t find any compact stuff there. Steel handguns are where its at for me, wood grips are a must. It’s like the lays chips commercial, can’t just have one set. Boxes of grips and boxes of carry holsters. Honest, I don’t have a problem, I can stop any time I want...
  9. Although I generally only shoot the local cowboy match and a couple more range days a month the lack of that outlet is getting expensive. After I switched out the grips on the CZ a Rock Island 1911 double stack 10 mm caught my attention when I was checking 10mm ammo prices and contemplating selling my 10mm ammo stockpile. It should me arriving early next week.
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