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  1. Howdy Sun.    Widder here.


    If you want a Canik, or want to ask someone who has them, call 'Slater'   (Eric Slater)

    at 865 / 591-5129.


    He is a dealer here in E.TN and he is a good Cowboy shooter.


    Look him up on Facebook:   Slaters In House Guns.


    I've shot the Canik before and really like.   I would have bought one but

    I already own an FN 509  and a super nice Sig P320 in 9mm.




    1. Cypress Sun

      Cypress Sun

      Thank you. Hope you are feeling better

  2. CJ: thanks. I was able to make contact with Outlaw last night.

    Best regards


  3. Howdy AJ.

    did you see my video of the M'AJ'ik and Matic?

    Hope you enjoyed them.

    Keep in touch.


  4. Well, I visited also. One of these days I'm gona post an Avatar of me so's all the ladies can start lustin and such.


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