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  1. $30 a pound is a bit steep for me.
  2. They also have a 7-hole .357 gauge.
  3. Yep ! Be great if you could get that food vendor back. please please please .........
  4. I miss Texas Man & his exploits on both sides of the border.
  5. 3 generations will be there !! Edit: I'd make this shoot if I was on a stretcher !!
  6. Johnny Shiloh - I showed up at Firelands Peacemakers in Rochester, OH one Saturday 12 years ago with a pair Vaqueros and needing to borrow a rifle & shotgun. He loaned me the long guns & coached me thru the first match. Still shooting so apparently I enjoyed the experience ! :D
  7. I also have a Husky 51. Please let me what you do with hammer springs in yours. Thanks
  8. Badlands Bar 3 has a potluck lunch(no charge) after each monthly shoot. Items range from hotdogs & beans to grilled pork chops to lobsters (32 flown in from Maine on one memorable day). Thanksgiving was awesome - turkey, dressing, WAY too many desserts, etc. You just never know what will be there. It's an amazing place to shoot. :D
  9. Jimmy Spurs Vaqueros. Longhunter or Cody Conagher '73 Johnny Meadows SKB SG
  10. I pick them up and place them by hand. About 20% usually fail to find a spot in the Win tray. Like I said, it's just a rote time killer for me. I actually enjoy such inane operations. But then I hear some different tunes...... :D
  11. Try this http://www.barleycornoutfitters.com/
  12. I'm beginning to get into the colored box I.D. for calibers & in one caliber for loads(.32 Mag). Makes it easier to pack up ammo when 3 people go shooting with different calibers & loads. Also transitioning to 100 rnd boxes,
  13. When I'm having a slow day I dump out Fed primers & put them in Winchester trays with the correct side up . Yeah, I know, but I don't have a life & it fills the time,
  14. For cowboy loads: bullet weight powder type & charge On a piece of blue painters tape.(easy to change)
  15. Interesting - what would you call "road apples" ?
  16. MidwayUSA has titegroup

  17. TT - Basically 1 miss for each target + 30 sec. 24 target stage would be 150 sec. RP - 999 sec
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