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  1. I bought a Rossi '92 .45 Colt carbine from Nate with his tuning and it held 10 .45 Colt rounds. Sold it a few years back, but I'm sure it held 10. I would agree that if you have limited funds and don't reload, a .38 would be less expensive than .45 Colt.
  2. Rooster Ron Wayne, Yes, the vest in this size should have been named "Duke's grandson vest". Rum Crook
  3. WahMaker Duke Leather Vest Size Medium(40-42" chest) for sale. You can see the item on Western Emporium website, Duke Leather Vest, Item number 001212W, shown for $152.95. The vest front is tan leather and the back is canvas. The interior is vertical striped fabric. The vest is in excellent condition, but plan on wearing a badge, because there are 2 holes in upper left chest area where I have worn a badge, and the holes are visible. Sale price is $60.00 shipped. Please PM me to purchase. Rum Crook
  4. Sold .30-30 Dillon XL-650 Conversion Kit $35 shipped. Sold .30-30 Die Set $25 shipped. Redding Full Length Sizer Lee Seat Die Lee Factory Crimp Die Sold .308/.30-06 Dillon XL-650 Conversion Kit $45 shipped. Sold .308 Redding Die Set $35 shipped Neck Sizing Die Full Length Sizing Die with Carbide button Seat Die with option for No Crimp or Roll Crimp Send PM to purchase.
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