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  1. Thanks for the information. I went from a competition maker’s ‘73 to the Beretta based advice from a top shooter in my area. I had reliability issues with my rifle almost from the time I got it. He said I tended to run my rifle hard like he did, and suggested I try this rifle. I guess that comes from starting out on a Winchester ‘94. I like Ike the action on the Beretta, even though I liked the stock on my first rifle better. I am trying to get back into shooting after taking a few years off, so was interested in what my potential options were if I want any work done later. Doc
  2. Does anyone know offhand if the parts for Uberti and Beretta 1873s are interchangeable? Thanks, ¹Doc
  3. Bill, Guess this is not going to work out. The back wheels are missing. I'll look for them again, but will not get it done this weekend. If you want it as is, you are welcome to stop by. If not, I will post again when I find them. Sorry, Doc
  4. Sounds good. I will be away from home Monday, but will have it out for you to pick up. As soon as I figure out how, I'll PM you my address. Doc
  5. Lost Trail - Thanks. I'm sure you are correct. Rolan - Thanks. Trying to get back into shooting again. Miss shooting in GA. Had a good time there. Living in FL now.
  6. Any work done to internals? And, am I reading right that they are 8 inch barrels? Look shorter in pictures. Thanks, Doc
  7. I picked this up thinking I would build a gun cart. Never did get to doing it. Free to anyone in Leesburg FL area who picks it up. Can send pictures if interested. Already stripped of stroller parts. Just frame and wheels.
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