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  1. I am thinking it is the same reason some folks strip blue from a new gun or even rough it up to make it look old and well used.
  2. I am on Parler and Mewe. I hope to see more people on these. Here is my Parler: Newberry @Newberry414059234120 Joined Oct 09, 2020 Here is my Mewe: https://mewe.com/i/bullspit Please add me if you are on either. I would love to see some fun SASS posts!
  3. Nothing wrong with the .30-06 as has been pointed out. If you already have enough rifles in that caliber I would agree with Yellowhouse Sam and Jabez Cowboy. The 6.5-06 would be a great choice because range of bullet weights available. The sectional density of the heavy bullets in this caliber make it very interesting. Stepping up in size, the .338-06 and .35 Whelen are the way to go. Full disclosure, the 6.5x55 is my favorite rifle caliber, the .35 Whelen is my second favorite., but through a comedy of life I own more rifles in .30-06 than any other.
  4. Absolutely! Skeeter was my favorite Shooting Times writer. I found the books that are collections of his work and continue to enjoy his work. Another good one, although a different time and flavor is the book, Old Man and the Boy which is a collection of Robert Ruark’s stories. I wish I could find a book of Townsend Whelen’s, and Bill Jordan’s articles.
  5. Jonesville is just North a ways strait up from the junction of Indiana and Ohio. Probably two hours to drive but I could meet you in Coldwater which would be 30 minutes closer.
  6. Shipping ammo is tough if you don’t have an official UPS or FedEx nearby, and it can be a hassle otherwise I would!
  7. I have a quantity of .44-40 components but I don’t have a gun in this caliber anymore. So, I either need a Ruger Vaquero in ..44-40 fairly cheap, or I need to pass these components along to someone who can use them. The hitch is that these components need to be disassembled. 200 rounds, primed brass with an accompanying lead slug. 80 rounds fired brass. Small quantity of black powder rounds. These are sold with the stipulation that the buyer will disassemble these for the components. With primers so scarce it might be worth the effort. I will
  8. Good memories shooting with Five Jacks and the gang out at RR Bar! I miss the black powder shoots we did!
  9. Local toy store got one in on trade. I don’t need it but remembered a few folks who favored them!
  10. Do folks still like the 16 gauge 1897? I don’t see many around.
  11. I am happy to hear you got a stock. Ranges longer than 200 yards are few and far between, hope you get a chance to get to one someday.
  12. Mr. Wayne, I responded to your inquiry yesterday but haven’t heard back from you. I had another interested party Contact me right after you did yesterday and even though you didn’t ask me to hold the rifle I told the other potential buyer I would wait 24 hours to hear from you. I hate to do it but if I don’t hear from you this evening I will go ahead and deal with the other buyer. If anyone knows Roster Ron Wayne and can contact him please let him know I want to treat him fairly!
  13. KJ6TAR Looking forward to some sunspot activity that is predicted. I am focused on using CW more than phone.
  14. I am happy to know that barrel has a good home! I used my long barreled Marlin .45 to take a deer this year.
  15. Oh Come Emanuel And in a non traditional vein, anything from the Lost Christmas Album by Trans Siberian Orchestra:
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