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  1. Well, THAT was different. Looked like they were having fun, though. Hmm.... reminds me of my cousin Chuck. He married a Russian girl a few years ago... undoubtedly the most interesting wedding I've ever attended - thankfully, they had a translator for the benefit of us "down home souls." Reception was a bit different, and fun... but we left before the dancing started. A couple of observations: The Russian girls were ALL strikingly pretty! Nothing at all as I'd expected. But most of the men looked like they'd stepped out of a James Bond movie; wouldn't have been surprised if ha
  2. No lefse...? Did I miss it...? Ah... memories of Grandma Corneliussen visiting for Christmas. The invigorating fragrance of the lutefisk... uh... invigorating 'cuz I'd find an excuse to be outside in the weather...
  3. That's a lot of hardtack. I always liked it with strawberry jam.
  4. Bad hand - and all - the reporting of this tale is an annual Christmastime event. Enjoy it for the story...
  5. Yep... make sure you have an oversized or multiple litter boxes. I have one of those jug-type watering stations and an automatic feeder... at the programmed times, my voice belts out a call to dinner. Don't be between the cats and their supper! The first time it sounded off it confused the heck outta Sherwin... she was SO confused! She stood there and looked at me... then toward the kitchen... then at me... the kitchen... and finally walked toward my "other" voice, looking over her shoulder at me. Makes life MUCH easier.
  6. I'd read that some time ago, Loophole.... all I could think was "Dang. All that, then done in by horse-swapping shenanigans!" Weird. Especially the last sentence.
  7. Like this, J Mark? (Helluva shot with that snubbie, too! )
  8. Attaboy, Mr Paxton! Texas attorney general drops a great big Yuletide truth bomb on school districtMebbe Mister Trump could draft the gentleman for the Fed level job.
  9. Oh, Clay... take heart! The good news is she's out of her AG job. The bad news is she's now our new senator.
  10. There’s a gentleman I’ve known for a number of years through Scouting. A local attorney, he has always been dedicated family man, very active in his church, and with a giving personality. Sheldon Feigel was a “Scout’s Scouter,” serving in a number of demanding positions, including Scoutmaster, WoodBadge Staffer, and more. He’s also a recipient of his district’s Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver… and he’s credited with guiding a number of boys to earning their Eagle rank. At 0630 on January 15, 2014, evidently under the order of the state Attorney General, Kamala Harris, armed DOJ
  11. Finally managed to snap a picture of Col. Frame's painting, done by a fella named Skip Rains. The story was that his wingman had spotted the Japanese plane and transmitted the sighting, then Frame popped out of a cloud behind 'im. "Got the drop on 'im!" Not too many Zeroes nailed by P-39's!
  12. So a few years ago there was discussion about having some sort of national ID card... and there arose a hue and outcry about government control: "Show me your papers!" Look where that mindset is leading us. But... is sure seems to work for Mexico! Mexico's National Voter ID
  13. Well TS, it's like this... 'Bout oncet a week or so, the Garbage Fairy comes along and takes stuff from yer garbage cans - kinda like a honeybee in the springtime. But they sends ya a bill; they expects ya to send 'em money. Greedy ba$tards! They already get all that free garbage and they ain't satisfied. And if ya forgets to take your garbage cans out for 'em the night before, the garbage pig will fill yer shoes with mush. [According to Mike Cleary, the former morning personality on KNBR radio station.] :-) But seriously... to buy a firearm, you need an automobile registration, electr
  14. For many years after he was gone I had my old Britanny Woody's last dog tag on my key ring... eventually worn to the point where I could barely read his name. Sadly, I eventually lost the key ring.
  15. So tomorrow some ladies in the office are hosting an annual "rummage sale" holiday fundraiser. Well... I was peeking at some of their "wares," and Lo, there it was ~ the moose in a rocking chair. When you pinch it, the danged thing rocks and sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as it's nostrils light up. Oh my! And of course, this brings to mind some bizarre gifts I've received in the past... like the Billy Bass (former mother-in-law), and the talking duck (NO idea who gave that thing to me), and more... Anyone care to share tales of odd Holiday gifts of Christmas past.
  16. Yeah... ain't that sumpin'. A state-issued driver's license is not sufficient ID to buy a firearm in our state... ya gotta have a garbage bill or some such to supplement it. Sheesh. I wonder if anyone's ever done a study to determine how much this stuff has reduced crime...
  17. That is freakin' amazing, Joe...! So what are the projectiles?
  18. Mostly didn't do so well at altitude because the Army decided to leave the superchargers off the production models. Fella in the office has a large painting of a P-39 on his office wall ~ one that his Dad flew in the Pacific. Cool picture, a depiction of him about to shoot down a Zero... which he actually did! As the story went, he popped out of a cloud and there he was. Never knew what hit 'im. The future Lt Col Frame was a dairyman at heart... and his plane's tail bore a depiction of Elsie the Cow. Bill - the fella at work - still drives one of his Dad's vehicles, complete
  19. Thanks, TB...!

    Shux, even I'd wanna stay at a BassPro B 'n' B - especially that one~!!

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