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    SASS Alias: Manassas Jack SASS # 62087 From: Houston, TX. How Long? 14 Years
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    I had surgery for a detached retina in my right eye. Unfortunately it was more than could be handled by laser treatment in the retina specialists office. Had to go into the hospital, general anesthesia, and a long time of healing. They told me that the surgery would probably cause a cataract to form. Yep. Meantime I went back to the retina specialist and he laser stapled all the weak areas in the other eye. On 8/27 I go get this derned cataract fixed. Due to previous eye surgeries it's back to the hospital again. They're going for distance vision and a reshaping of the cornea. More measurements first under anesthesia. (I've been back for measurements twice in the office, now they have me on antibiotic/steroid drops 3x day and I go back for more measurements 8/20. If I get good distance vision, I can get shooting glasses that give me a good view of the front sight. That's what I used to have so no problem there. In the meantime, since I can't see the front sights and the targets are blurry, I've been point shooting. Not too bad, been averaging about 3 misses a match and my times are improving. Wee don' need no schtinking fron' sights!
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    If you would let me make aware of the situation that cost me more money. I unfortunately did one eye before end of year and one eye after the first of the new year, with each year having a $3,000 deductible that had to be met. Not knowing your insurance benefits and deductibles, you may want to consider this when planning to get the other eye done so both operations fall within the same policy year and save you money in not having to meet another deductible amount? Just a suggestion.
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    SASS Alias: Virginia Raider SASS # 47287 From: Virginia How long: on and off for 16 years
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    SASS Alias: Straight Shot Jane and Diamond S Doug SASS #: 90392 & 90391 Where you are from: Phoenix, AZ How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 8 years
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