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  1. 1989 Cowtown Shootout: Phoenix, Arizona Territory.Stage Winners were: Tex (2), Great Dane (4), Durango Kid (1), and Dr. Willard B. Slipsnake (1) Cowtown Shootout, Top Seniors: Moosebreath (r.) and Zapf Chancery Cowtown Shootout, 1989. Top Ladies (right to left) Kid Sticks, Calamity Joan, Coyote Bate, Barbwire, Prairie Weet and Plucked Chicken
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  2. Yes I will notify you ASAP. Next week it will be in our shop. I will made new video with detailed presentation of the PCC model and comparison to PCA. Last videos made on our YT channel ware with PCC as prototype /PCA converted/ and now we produce PCC from scratch. It will have some changes to PCA model as I wrote in previous post above. PCC model will be fully universal capper in all aspects : All caps types and all revolvers incl. Colts. You will be here first to know that PCC is available I promise. best regards, Zbigniew Polish Cappers
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  3. SASS Alias: G. W. Ryder SASS #: 50690 Where you are from: Colorado How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 years
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  4. Check-out "Rays of Hope for Uganda, inc on Facebook for pictures of our new multi-use building ... Welding shop on the left and Sewing Room on the right .. With a meeting/ learning center in the middle... The building is 41 feet by 40 feet with an 9 foot over hang in the front, making the roof line 51 feet front to back ... Blue steel roof , built on site steel truss system ... Things went well overall, but I was sure kept a hopping ... I reloaded some ammo and filled out an entry form for a CAS shoot, today need to get some snow gone and some shooting done ...
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