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EOT '07 Ammo

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This is what they put on the EOT site:



You will need two six-guns and at least 250 cartridges, a lever action rifle in pistol caliber and at least 200 cartridges, and shotgun and 150 shells. Other things to consider bringing: Long range rifles and 10 cartridges for each; Derringer and 10 cartridges; rim-fire revolver, rim fire rifle and 10 cartridges for each.


I would consider these minumum and bring more.

Scout :rolleyes::)

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That doesn't look like it includes the warmup match ammo at all. here is the formula I use for every match I shoot:


number of stages times ten rounds of ammo for the pistols

number of stages times ten rounds of ammo for the rifle

number of stages times six rounds of ammo for the shotgun


main match is 12 stages

warmup match is six stages I guess


so that is 18 stages


my rifle and pistol shoot the same ammo so that will be 18 * 20 for the hardball ammo or 360 rounds plus ten rounds for each side match I might try plus another 100 rounds for emergency use ammo


I will bring at least 500 rounds of my normal hardball ammo.


now for the shotgun that will be 18 *6 which is 108 rounds plus any side match ammo plus 25 rounds of emergency use ammo. so I will bring at least 150 rounds of shotgun ammo


I will probably bring around 100 rounds of my heavy duty loads just in case I need them for longer range targets and knockdowns but shooting them targets at the monthly match this month I feel I probably will not k=need them but I always carry a box imn my cart just in case better to have and not need than to need and not have.


Ifn I think I might be testing my gun after having some work on a gun then I double it. I ran down to the last few rounds at one winter range when I didn't bring any extra ammo and had several gun problems before WR at another shoot in the area and then picking up a new rifle on the way out of town for a backup and ahaving to learn to shoot it since it was a Marlin and my main rifle was a 73. Big difference the stroke and sights and placement since the 73 is a pistol grip stock and the 94 was a straight stock. So when I leave for several matches I double the ammo plus. My ammo is in 1000 round ammo cna, I usually load my loading strips before leaving for the match. Then adjust the count once I get the stage discriptions in the shooters packet. I have enough for each stage plus two extra for reshoots or testing after the day's stages. I need to make some more for a side matches and warmup matches. I have a couple different styles in mind one is simple using leathe with holes punched in it that grips the rounds and the other is way more complicated and has a block that holds twenty rounds ten on one end separated by a space and ten on the other end plus a bag for the empties at the unloading table. I have about figured out the theway to do it but haven't laid out a pattern yet for either. the later will have a clip that slide on a belt. I have figued that about twenty will be the coorect number for any batch, 12 for the main match, six for the warm up match and two spares for reshoots etc. that covers everything except the side match which I haven't been shooting to many of yet. I will start shooting them one or two at a time just for fun after EOT probably. That I will load from an ammo box probably.

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