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Japan's submarine aircraft carriers

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Look at how large the I=400 is when compared to a US Navy Fleet Submarine.




Three of Japan's submarine aircraft carriers in American hands following the Second World War. Two of the I-400 class submarines, I-400 and I-401, are tied up together inboard. The submarine just to the outside of the I-400 submarines is the AM class submarine I-14. The outermost submarine is an American fleet submarine.

While the I-400 and AM class submarines were similar, featuring the same oversized aircraft hangar and offset superstructures. However, the AM class submarines were smaller than the I-400 class and carried fewer aircraft (two Aichi M6A instead of three).

The AM class were 113.7m (373') in length and displaced 4,838 tons when submerged. The I-400 class were 122m (400') in length and displaced a massive 6,560 tons submerged.

The three submarines here would be sailed to Pearl Harbor after the war, allowing the United States further opportunities to examine them while also denying the Soviet Union the same chance. Once the United States Navy learned what it could, the submarines would be scuttled off of Pearl Harbor. USS Burgara (SS-331 would sink I-14 with torpedoes, USS Trumpetfish (SS-425) would sink I-400 with three torpedoes, and USS Cabezon (SS-334) sank I-401 with two torpedoes.


Navy General Board

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