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I have for sale a couple of stainless steel cylinders for Ruger Old Army Revolvers.

First is a new Percussion Cylinder made by Kirst.  It has never been fitted to a gun, but others that I purchased dropped right in to all my ROAs.  This was a spare.


Kirst's Description:
If you own a Ruger Old Army® revolver this is your chance to buy an easy to care for Stainless Steel, Percussion cylinder for a quick additional reload, or to replace your existing cylinder.  These replacement cylinders are CNC machined in the USA by Kirst Konverter and are the same sturdy and reliable quality that you have come to expect from us.

This Stainless Steel .44 caliber Cap & Ball cylinder is machined to the exact dimensions as the original “Old Army” cylinder.  It is interchangeable with the original percussion cylinder in your Ruger Old Army® revolver, plus our cylinder comes complete with the threaded nipples installed.  Like the original Percussion cylinder, we recommend using a .457" diameter ball to achieve a better chamber mouth seal and improve accuracy.


Shipped to your door for $250
I also have a stainless steel 45 Caliber Howell Arms Conversion Cylinder.  I have had many of these over the years, and have found Howell's the best.  I like Kirst Konverters too, but they are more expensive, so most of mine were Howell's.  You should know that Howells manufactures the cylinders and back plates for Taylors as well.  Howell uses American-Made hardened steel firing pins, where Taylors uses softer Italian-Made firing pins that peen more easily, and need to be replaced more frequently.
As this was my spare, I don't recall actually using this conversion cylinder, and, upon inspection, it does look new.

Ships to your door for $240
Paypal Friends and Family or Personal check.
PM with questions.
Thanks for looking.











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