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.45-70 Rolling Block

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For reasons I will explain below, I have wanted what I will call a "rifle caliber" Rolling Block for some time now.  By rifle caliber, I mean a caliber that can't be chambered in a main match type pistol.  Generically, I'd always figured I wanted one in .45-70, since I already loaded for the caliber, and is an easy one to load for.

When I began to search for one though, I found that ones in this caliber either don't show up very often, or they are are very expensive, or both.  I considered 7mm Mauser, they seem to be plentiful and I do also load that caliber but I've read that there are some "issues" with the RB's in this caliber, so I was hesitant.  Since I was in no hurry, I figured I'd just my time till one is a desirable caliber showed up for a reasonable price.  In the back of my mind, I did not rule out .50-70, especially if I could find an Army Surplus one, and I learned there were other good calibers to consider.   Then, about two weeks ago, I found an auction for one in .30-40 Krag!  This is one of my favorite calibers, and the first one I started to reload for.   I made a bid, but sadly, about a day before it ended, other people started bidding, and it soon reached a price that was, to me, unreasonable.  Bummer.

But, that very day, I found one in .45-70 for a very reasonable price on a soon to end auction.   I made a bid, no one out bid me, and I should have it in a few days, for about half the price that the .30-40 went for.   Needless to say, I am pleased.  Not only do I have my rifle caliber Rolling Block, it's in the caliber a originally wanted.

So, this will "complete" my Rolling Block collection!


Pistol:  Model 1901.  .22LR

.22 Rifle:  No. 4.  .22LR

Pistol Caliber Rifle:  No. 4.  Converted to .32 S&W from .32 Rimfire.
Rifle Caliber Rifle:  Exact Model TBD when I finally get it.  .45-70
Shotgun:  Model 1867, Model 1.  12 Gauge.  Has Belgian proof marks.  Likely converted from one that started life as a 7mm.

So now all I need is for someone to organize a "Single Shot" side match where you take two shots from each type of gun.  I'll be able to do it with everything being the "same."


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6 hours ago, Red Rider Rudy said:

What load do you shoot in the shotgun. As I have one I've never shot.


Well, I haven't fired it yet.  :)

I have done more research and learned that it was not 7mm, but a Rolling Block conversion of .58 caliber musket, prolly in the late 1860's.  Then, much later, the Belgians rebarreled it to become a 12 Gauge shotgun.

Long story short, it'll only get black powder loads, loading in RMC all brass shells.

Hmm...   It's a muzzle loader converted to become a breach loader by putting a new reciever on the original barrel.   Then the original rifle barrel was swapped out for a shotgun one.

Sounds like my Grandfather's hammer that's had the handle replaced 3 times and the hammerhead twice!

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Yep, I'm waiting on a friend to load me a light black powder round. I have set of a empty with a primmer, so it does work. Just want to shoot it once. To say it shoots.. LOL


Thanks for the reply.

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