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F/S Holster set and shell belt. SOLD

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Shown with NM Vaqueros  Rig was custom ordered from Amish craftsman. Shell loops are 38. Waist size 34 to middle hole. Cross draw was anchored to belt to change angle.  Belt is lined. All is 9 oz leather. $150 plus shipping


Shell belt is for 12 ga. Lined 9 oz leather. $75 plus shipping. 34” to middle hole. Bullet loops are 2 38 and 2 45







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Howdy Dee Mak Jack,


Do you still have the two belts for sale? I'm curious what size/length guns the holsters fit. I see you have a pair of NM Vaqueros shown in the holsters. Are these 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" length guns? 

I'm in the market for a brown colored rig to fit a pair of Vaquero Bisleys in 5 1/2" length. The .357/.38 caliber is what I shoot, and the size of the belts seem like the right fit. I wear a 32-34 belt size, so I think the size you have should fit me well. 


Let me know what details you can provide and I'm happy to work out a deal. 


-Tequila Sunrise (Steven)

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