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That's not an AK-47

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My first “black rifle” was literally a black rifle!!  It was a Polytech SKS that someone had painted the wood furniture semigloss black.


I found that the stock seemed clumsy to me and purchased a quality Monte Carlo style stock for it.  It was then a real pleasure to shoot. I had it fitted with a medium priced scope and found that it was pretty accurate when I used good ammunition. I often wish that I hadn’t let that one get away.


That was the beginning of my refitting various guns to do what I wanted them to do.


I take exception with the snobs that try to ridicule those of us that don’t feel the need to keep these guns pristine originals.


I like the idea of interchangeability that the AR platform offers. I just never shot an AR15 that triggered that spark I look for in a gun that I want to keep.


Like I said in my previous post. Maybe an AR10!  I do have an “AR” style semi-auto shotgun that I am getting familiar with!  I’m optimistic about it.





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