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23 hours ago, Roger Ball said:

If anyone thinks this cannot happen in your state, county, etc, wake up.


The forces of evil are on the march. They are coming for every corner of our hallowed republic.


California is easily one of the most beautiful states in the union, and SoCal has arguably the most pleasant climate in the country. Nobody would have been considered 'stupid' for pursuing a life there in the past. I'm sure 20 years ago people in Colorado were laughing about the loonies in California- now look at Colorado. And Arizona, New Mexico, the entire PNW, and even Texas and Montana have problems. In a few years, maybe we'll call people stupid for living in those areas, from our happy, free perch in...where?


Yes, this is a legally dubious and culturally ridiculous law. And it's headed to a town near you.


The movement to Colorado from Kalifornia began in the mid 60's and the real residents of Colorado were not happy then.


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