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Primers at Sportsman's Warehouse

Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

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Stopped by the local Sportsman's today, hadn't been in for a couple of months. Noticed way more primers and powder in stock. Powders were Hodgdon, Winchester, Vhitavouri and a couple of varieties of Alliant (no Unique). Primers were CCI, Remington, Fiocchi and Federal. All were small pistol or small rifle, with Federal having large pistol as well. All priced at $5.99 per hundred except the Fiocchi, which at $8.99 come 150 to a box. The biggest change was/is you can now buy up to 1,000 primers, mix or match 10 boxes. If you buy the Fiocchi you get 1,500.

Counter guy did say they get some large rifle from time to time, but they go quick.

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The Sportsman's here had only large pistol (CCI) a couple of months back , limit 2 boxes , so I went back almost every day until I had 1000. They were still not close to sold-out ,but  I had enough to tide me over until they get more supply .Our other sporting store here had a bunch of small pistol primers a month or so before that and they sold out in just a few days. They both have a fair selection of powder, but like Wyatt said , no Unique.

Rex :D

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