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Like a good cowboy story, this one starts out west

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A few weeks ago, Shortcake and I were walking the streets of Tombstone. We were well ahead of Bordertown, and wanted some time to see some of the historic sites. After a late lunch, we were strolling some of the side streets off Allen Street.


My phone rang. "Charlie Waite" lit up the screen.


"He never calls," I told her. "Just an email here and there. Something is up," I said.


Well we chatted about his retirement from the TEAM SASS job, and if I was interested. I asked if I could call him back and he said yes. Shortcake and I found a bench and we discussed just what this TEAM SASS director job would be like. About 10 minutes later, I called Charley back and said I was interested. He told me he was giving a list of interested folks to SASS HQ. They would decide with Misty having the final word.


So yesterday, on the return trip from Tombstone, Charley calls to say I got the spot and start tomorrow. And Sedalia Dave would be my partner (which I was very glad to hear).


So I have the dubious honor of guiding the least read part of the SASS Wire. I know this because when I phoned a couple of fellow shooters about getting the Director spot the reply was the same. "Congratulations! What is TEAM SASS?"


Oh boy!


First off, the name. TEAM SASS. This is definitely an effort that requires a team. The ability of this part of the Wire to keep the SASS community up to date on second amendment issues depends on our members getting that info posted on here. Not that we will not be doing our own searches, but we can't be everywhere and we may miss something. So as a team we will continue to inform our membership as to what second amendment issues may be looming. Time is a critical aspect with gun legislation in this day and age. My former state of residence, Illinois, has a knack for passing gun legislation with little or no discussion in the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure there are other legislatures with similar traits. That's why now more than ever, we need to keep each other informed.


And then there are other shooting sports. CAS probably does not have the same appeal to bench rest, bullseye or AR platform shooters. And they probably make some less than flattering comments about our sport. I had one directed to me in Tombstone. I was asked to help work security for the rodeo during the Helldorado Days festival. All I had with me was my everyday carry Glock 19. As I stopped for a sandwich during the rodeo (cowboy hat, western styled "SECURITY" shirt, jeans and boots)a rodeo patron remarked how much he enjoyed seeing cowboys wearing Glocks. (sigh) I thanked him and told him to enjoy the rodeo.  Whether it's good natured ribbing or just someone being the southside of a northbound bull, try to diffuse it. We need those folks, even the annoying ones. Any restrictive gun law is a threat to all legal gun owners, whether you own that gun or not. All it takes is one nut with a lever action rifle to do something silly, and the Mom's Demand Action Bloomberg folks will be running toward any and all politicians, checkbook in hand.


That's all for now. I thank the SASS HQ for their confidence in me and Sedalia Dave and hope to keep the high standards set by Charlie Waite. And thank you Charlie, for your help and guidance through the years,


God bless.



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