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2022 SASS Idaho Championship

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The 2022 SASS Idaho Championship was held last week in Boise

The Oregon Trail Rough Riders put on a well run, fun and challenging match

We shot in the Idaho Fish and Games Black Rock shooting range It's an incredible facility with long range, bullseye, shotgun and a general area along with a dedicated cowboy a ton range

 It is run by the Oregon Trail Rough Riders on.a contract with the IDF&G

Yhe.match was well run, fun and challenging. There are six separate shooting scenarii that sure keep you on your toes. I shot the primary stages as a Gunfighter and finished the match as an El Rey. The OTRR  crew were incredibly supportive of this elderly pistolero. I recommend other senior shooter enter their matched and definitely enter the 2023 Championship. 

The.other shooters were very friendly and extremely interesting

 The buckaroo were so cute, such good shots and were great little ladies and gentlemen

 An attractive gal in her 80s was an impressive competitor. A highlight of the group was a lady mustang bird colonel who was the EOT 

BWestern Wold Champion.

Her shooting outfits were beautiful beyond belief.

We were served delicious home made lunches every day with lots of cool beverages

 Water was available at every stage.

We won impressive belt buckles and hanging medals.

the buckaroos and buckarettes had the opportunity to fire the two cannons that opened each days exciting events.

I chose to shoot as an El Rey insteD as a Gunfighter to encourage other elderly ladies and gentlemen to co tinue to compete. I Ioved it. It revitalized me!!!


 Needless to say




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