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Rich Man Dies and goes to Heaven

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Rich man dies and goes to Heaven.



A very devout rich man had a gift for making large amounts of money.  He prayed and prayed asking God to allow him to bring his earthly wealth to Heaven.


Finally, the Lord decides He’s going to give this devout man his request. 

God calls on one of His messenger angels, gives the angel specific instructions, and sends the angel to the devout rich man.



The angel appeared before the rich man and told him that the Lord has heard his prayers and is giving him a special dispensation and he may bring his earthly wealth to Heaven.  However, the angel warned the rich man, his wealth must withstand the Judgment of Fire.  So make sure your wealth isn’t in any material that will burn up.



The rich man, just before he dies, liquidates all his vast earthly wealth and coverts it into gold bars.  He has many bars and he puts them into a large steamer trunk, strapping it to a heavy hand dolly to wheel the trunk about.



The rich man dies and is seen by the messenger angel in Heaven pushing his steamer trunk.

Curious, the angel goes to the man and asks if he would show him what he brought as he’d never seen anybody before bring their earthly wealth to Heaven.

The man proudly opens up his steamer trunk full of gold bars.

The angel looks at the bars and with a puzzled expression exclaims:

“You brought pavement?”






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