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.410-44 project finished.

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Sanded stock just enough to remove most of the old varnish, stained with Special Walnut, then 7 coats of Tru-oil.  I made a .44-40 shot shell with 1cc of TrailBoss and a hair bit over 1.5cc of #8 shot.  Paper plate was about 15 feet away.  And of course it will shoot 2.5 inch .410 shells.  Hopefully one of my grandkids will be proud to have their GG Grandmother’s bedside shotgun.  1F00A96D-E1EF-423F-AB6C-6805B2B4E902.thumb.jpeg.e7811eaa4d93d9459b4d8cf8b4ed657e.jpeg






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This is what you need.


When they first came out with the contender they made both 44 and 357 and what they called HOT SHOT. It was like the Speer shot capsules, but much larger. It carried, basically, a 410 shot load.




You loaded it in regular 44 or 357 brass, and the chambers were long enough that it would fit.


The guns came with a special choke that mounted to the outside of the barrel, and shredded the plastic as it went through. The plastic was strong enough that it would go through the rifling in one piece, so you didn't end up with lead in your rifling.




Then they decided to make 45 Colt barrels with a chamber long enough to take a two and a half inch 410, and they discontinued the HOT SHOT.


But if you loaded some 44/40 brass with these 44 magnum HOT SHOTS, it would look like a 44 extra long.



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