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SPF-WTS/WTT Marlin 1894CBC 38 Spl

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Looking to free up some funds for a different project, so I am letting loose of a  couple things.


First is a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Competition in 38spl. Picked this up with ideas of having it short stroked to be a gun for the wife or kids, but have decided to standardize on 73s & 66s. These are becoming harder and harder to find, these are the strongest Marlins for CAS. This is extremely smooth with a basic action job w/ 1 piece firing pin (no short stroke or Widder mods). It is in overall really good condition with typical superficial marks on the wood from CAS use. Asking $1450 plus shipping from my FFL to yours.


These are being sold to fund getting a Winchester/Miroku set up by Cowboy Carty, so I would be interested in working a trade for a 73 or 66 in 38/357.


Other potential partial trade items: No.3 New Model Russian in 44 Russian, 1875 Schofield 7” 45LC, Trapdoor Carbine (prefer Uberti or Pedersoli).










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Pm sent

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