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  1. I have a pair of sheepskin chaps that have had the wool dyed orange. They were made by Robert Auth, an artist out of Boise, Idaho. I talked to a couple different leather makers and was told it wouldn’t be difficult to dye the wool a different color using Rit dye, but figured I would see if there happened to be a b-western shooter that would want them. Looking to get $125 shipped obo. More info on Robert Auth. http://www.robertauthart.com/
  2. Kinda what I was thinking as well, it was just very different from the other sling that was with it. Major Art, the other sling with it was a Dixie repro for the Henry, PM me if your interested.
  3. Does anybody have any information or reference photos of the original rifle slings for 1860 Henrys? I have come across a sling that seems very old and is marked “Henry’s Repeating Rifle Patented Oct 16 1860.” I would be very skeptical of it being original if it wasn’t accompanied by a definite reproduction with some major differences. Thanks!
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