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SPF Non-SASS Buck Knife- Price Drop

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For Sale is a brand new Buck 591+ Paradigm Shift automatic knife. You can see YouTube reviews of this knife. Be aware there are two models of this knife; the 591 assisted open and the 591+ automatic open. This is the automatic model. A fellow shooter showed me his and I was impressed. After I bought it, I discovered the arthritis in my hands makes it difficult for me to open. I have difficulty pushing the bolster up with my thumb. So this beautiful knife won't work for me.


Be aware this is an automatic knife and is illegal to carry in some states and cities unless you are LEO, Military or Emergency Services. Check your local laws.


Price is $200 $175 shipped or OBO.









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1 hour ago, Paladin Gun For Hire said:


If you will take $150.00 , I'll buy it.  please let me know sir.


Add $10 for shipping and you have a deal.


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