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RV Rental for EOT

Pretty Mean Shawme

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I hadn't thought of that. But if you need one delivered maybe we could work something out. I have a truck that can tow the Travel Trailer types, no fifth wheels but it will tow any bumber pull trailer. So it you will cover costs I will pick it up and deliever it to your spot for you and return it to the retntal place. You must rent it and have it ready for pick up. I can even fill the tanks for you with water. And will dump tanks afterward for a small fee.

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Try here. We rented from them last year, probably will this year.




Su amigo,



Oops, it didn't link (sorry, I ain't a very good computer geek) but that is the correct site address.

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Manny Pistolero

SASS #36651, SBSS #1058

Sgt, USMC '89-'99

Camp Echo, Diwaniyah, Iraq;

United States Marines - No better friend, no worse enemy


Off the subject---looks like you may still be in Iraq--if so, God Bless You and we're thrilled to have you make it to EOT. If not, God Bless You anyway and thanks to you and all the military over there for being our guardians and our heroes.

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Pie Crust,

Thank you for your kind words; yes, I am still in Iraq. I have been here supporting the troops as a civilian contractor since January of 2004. I'll go home when they go home. Incidentally, I like to plan my R&Rs around SASS events; last year, it was the First Annual Founder's Ranch Invitational in which I was fortunate enough to win the Coyote Cap '97 in the silent auction! SASS is a great release for me; my son, Mother, and Father are members as well and we will all be there this year! Semper Fi!

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