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“Thank You for Your Service”

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Yesterday my wife and I went to the store. When we came out I got into my car and noticed someone had slipped a piece of paper under my windshield wiper. 
At first I was a bit put off as I needed to get out of the car to take it off my windshield. 
I looked around wondering why I had a paper on my windshield but no one else did. I thought maybe someone was leaving me a Nasti-Gram or something. 
As I pulled the note from under the windshield wiper I was quite taken aback by this:



I guess someone saw my US Navy license plate ring and they left me a note. 
Quite touching, actually. It put a smile on my face. 

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When my Dad was 90, I took him to Gillette Stadium to see his first pro football game.  We tailgated with friends in the parking lot, and then headed toward the seats.  Per his usual habit, Dad was wearing his WWII Navy Veteran ballcap.  He walked, with difficulty, with a cane, and had to stop frequently to rest.  As we made our way through the crowd, we were repeatedly approached by folks who wanted to thank him for his service and wish him well.  After the first 10 or 12, the tears were streaming down my face.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness and appreciation of so many strangers.  Young women and men wanted to know where he served and what ships he sailed on; they were uniformly stunned when he told them that he had been at Normandy on D-Day; for them, he was a living history lesson.  When we reached the entrance to the stadium, we were separated from the crowd by stadium security, and led to a private elevator that served the luxury boxes; we did not have box seats tickets, but to save him the long walk up the winding ramps to the cheap seats, they treated him to this special access, seating us in some unused luxury seats.  I was totally blown away by their courtesy and concern. 


After that day, you could not convince me that young people lacked an appreciation for the service and sacrifice of vets, or that the Patriots' staff was anything but patriotic.  It was a day my Dad never forgot.


People do remember.



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