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Follow up to Kind of sad

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Well I put on my big boy pants and called the number of the original owner of the badge that was sold at auction.  Once I inquired of his alias, by golly, we both remember each other as we had shot together numbers of time.  We talked for a good half hour about different shoots, other members, his wife's alzheimers, him being over 80 and a bit wobbly being his decision to sell out.  Lives in an assisted living facility now, not far away.  I asked him about his badge and he was disappointed that it was sold.  He wanted to keep that but in the process of packing things up, it got misplaced and went out the door with everything else.  He is going to contact the auctioneer to see if he can't get in contact with the buyer to get it back somehow.


I did "win" his coach gun.  A Geco Stahl.  Never heard of that one.  Good and tight.  Nice and clean.  Hammers are really strong but don't think I'll mess with them as replacements might be tough to find.


Kind of bittersweet feeling.  I'm glad that he still wants his badge and now knows about what happened to it but still a bit off in that it did get sold.  Now that I know where he lives, maybe I'll stop in and say hello.  I have a soft spot for old cowboys and cowgirls.  Now that I are one.  Sit and tell lies for a bit.  I don't know.  Just because ,,,,,,,,

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