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I've noticed that my Governor, both my US Senators, my member of the House of Representatives, my member of the CA Assembly and CA State Senate have very short attention spans.  None of them could get past the "Swiss Army Knife" line in the Miller v. Bonta decision.  The thing is only 94 pages.  A short read.  And well worth the time to read it.  Judge Benitez lays out a very thoughtful and detailed case against ALL "assault weapon" bans. 


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The underlying problem you are facing is an assumption that the socialist Democratic Party can actually read and would be potentially interested in anything relating to any reality other than their own twisted version. Their actions over the last ohhhh...... 50 years or so seem to indicate that their priorities are more in line with crushing the Constitution, promoting pedophilia and perverting the moral fabric of the USA while spending the entire net worth of our great, great, great grandchildren on programs intended to keep their kind in power forever. 

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