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Plainsman Rifle Outfit SOLD

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I am shooting less and less and have not been able to shoot a Plainsman match for three years so I have decided to start selling some items.  In this thread I have an NEF Handi Rifle in .45-70.  This is a pre-2004 model so it has an EJECTOR.  Models made after 2004 have extractors and now they are no longer made.  It is also unusual in that it can be cocked with the barrel open or closed.  Depending on shooting style this can be an advantage.  The rifle is in good shape but does have some shallow dimples on the bottom of the forearm.  The wood is not chipped or severely dimpled, there are just some shallow marks caused by rims of rounds in the hand that are ready for the next shot.  The barrel has been slightly chamfered like a double barrel shotgun to make loading faster.  Included is an extra firing pin as these can break if dry fired a lot without snap caps.  Also included are ten A Zoom snap caps, a leather cartridge holder for mounting to your belt, a set of dies (I believe this set is new), some bullets, 65 cases, a 50 round cartridge carrying case and a loading block.  $600.00 plus shipping.  The extras should fit in a flat rate box so that is $15.50.  I will have to find a suitable box for the rifle and will send it USPS so that should be around $25.00 or $30.00.







DSC_0023 (1).jpeg


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Larson, I'll take it. And you won't have to ship it. I'm in Waddell. Pm me and we can work out a time and day. Thanks, Sarival Slim.

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