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DQ Forward?

Jack Houston # 35508

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Quit Whining?  I'm not whining.  This is America and I'm entitled to my own opinion just like you.  If you don't agree with me thats up to you.  I will shoot the warmup match because I choose to.  Does that mean I agree on the DQ forward, NO!  Would I have signed up for it if I had known about the DQ Forward, NO!  Was that info given to me when I signed up, NO! 


If DQ'ed during the main match,  I would volunteer to help sass out anywhere they needed because I was given the opportunity to shoot.  That'a what my $250.00 was for (I thought). :blink:




If you were not "WHINING", then I sure hope I never see you when you are in your admitted glory of WHINING". :huh:


FYI, "Match" DQ's are the only thing forwarded on to the main match that would disqualify a person from shootign the main EOT match. "One" SDQ during the warmup match will not get you kicked out.


What are some things a person could do to earn a MDQ?


1) Dropped "LOADED" gun


2) An Accidental Discharge that hits 5ft or less from someone.


3) Sweeping someone with a loaded gun


4) A accumalation of two Stage DQ's during the match (warmup for this discussion)


5) Shooting illegal (hot) ammo


Some things a person can do to earn a SDQ. (Any two during the match equals a MDQ):


1) Break the 170 rule


2) Drop an "empty" gun


3) A cocked gun leaving shooters hand


4) Changing locations with a cocked gun or hammer down on live round


5 ) Using an illegal gun or modification


6) Last year, they (EOT) said if someone put a round "OVER" the berm, they get a MDQ.


there are others. Read the book




Your significant works 10+ hours? I work 12's.



Tell your significant that the coal mines in the Gillette, Wyoming area are BEGGING for welders. Opportunity to make $70k per year with full Bennies if you work all the overtime offered. He wouldn't have to worry about 100+ temperatures either.


Have a good one




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This is America and I'm entitled to my own opinion just like you. 



Tulsa Tumbleweed,

Yes you are certainly entitled to your opinion, however given the fact that you've never had the opportunity to go to EOT, I think you will find that despite your objection to the DQ forward rule you will have a great time.

The shooting is fun, the shows, mounted arena, and people will make up for anything you don't like at this point. If I'm wrong you are welcome to tell me so after the dust has settled, and we've all gotten home from EOT. :blink: Katie

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Kate, I know I will have a good time. I love cowboy action shooting and am looking forward to EOT and meeting alot of new cowboys and cowgirls. The DQ Forward rule will not cause me to not have a good time. I am counting down the days to EOT and hope to see you there! :blink: Tulsa Tumbleweed

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