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Ok. So I have a supply of brass, powder and even a small supply of sp primers (which is surprising since I have only previously loaded with lp primers). I have bullets on order. I have pocket pistols that are longing to be shot. The final missing element is some form of die set to load these things. Of course everyplace is sold out of the lee die set. 
I am interested in what you have that you may not be using anymore. An old set of unused 32 S&W short reloading dies? Or even an old Lee Loader set. Send me a message, let me know what you have. 

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I’ve got a set of Lee 32SW dies. I don’t want to sell them, but I’d likely be willing to loan them to you for a month or so. Give you a chance to load up a box or 2.  I’ll need to check my stock on loaded 32, may have to load some before I send them. 
let me know if you can’t find a set to buy. 

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6 hours ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:

Hoss, that is a very generous offer that I might take you up on. After my bullets show up , if I still haven’t found some dies I’ll give you a call and we can work out a plan. 


Just let me know. I’ll check my stock of 32 SW and load up a few just in case. Need some for the upcoming shooting season anyway. 

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