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Mostly uninformed people reading gun control facts and statistics.

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Why it is important to talk to people not argue and to engage them to think.

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  • Raylan changed the title to Mostly uninformed people reading gun control facts and statistics.

Just to be clear, I know what the title of the video says, but upon viewing it is more about people who don't know the facts about firearms than anything else. And, I have known people of all political persuasions who are uninformed about firearms, perhaps more often on one side than the other, but that is not the point and political argument isn't wanted or needed here. The point is that when people are exposed in a non-confrontational and non-argumentative way with information about firearms they are much more receptive to being open to learning new information. That's why taking someone to shoot has always been an effective way to teach people the truth about firearms. Asking people questions about what they believe to be true and getting them to consider if what they believe is accurate is always more effective than confrontational arguing or lecturing or belittling them. Don't make such discussions personal. Don't put people into a corner where they become defensive. Questions like, what would you do if your family was in danger? Should you have a choice to own and/or use a firearm to defend your family? I'm pretty sure that all rifles including assault rifles are rarely used in homicides, hey let's look it up. (go to FBI database on crime statistics). 

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