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I have an assortment of shell plates that came with a Hornady Projector progressive press. This was given to me and sadly needs parts which are not available. I have  2-01 plates,1-32,1-06,1-08,1-16,1-30

I do not know what caliber they are or if they will work on a current press. I am open to a reasonable offer or trade. 



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#01  243, 308 et al , #32 45 Colt, #06 38 special, 357, #08-9mm et al. #16 222 et al, #30 44 special, 44 magnum  If they are older ones bought for a Projector,  they will not work as is on the newer Lock-N-Load. Hornady was offering to do the necessary machine work so they will work on the newer press for $10 each. At the price of new Lock-N-Load shellplates I chose to have all mine upgraded and saved a lot of money not buying new ones.  Maybe someone with a Lock-N-Load will double check with Hornady and offer you a deal you both would be happy with. There might be someone who is happy with the old Projector and would offer you something for the shellplates and what Projector pieces you have,. Good Luck  

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