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SOLD: Holsters and Belt - Right Hand Strong Side and Cross Draw


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FS:  Used starter set of holsters made by Whyte Leather Works.  I don't know if he made the border-tooled belt.  

They fit Ruger Vaqueros, Blackhawks, Ruger Old Army, and Super Blackhawks, up to 5-1/2" barrel length.

They could be wet-molded to a tighter fit for Ruger NEW Vaqueros and Colt-types.  

Cartridge loops fit .45s, (but you don't have to use them).

Belt has 7 holes from 38" to 44", about 41" to center hole.

$135.00 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to USA.




792876461_DSC_0365a.JPG.65d5027017a277aac7ca1d82b51be15b.JPG  854669090_DSC_0362a.JPG.d5969f00d8514191deb4b4f0c9bd44bc.JPG  302869121_DSC_0366a.JPG.d874d28b148b17c02e5266d85c5284d0.JPG  673547563_DSC_0368a.JPG.0a34a2151f5ab6b1611c0c6487e78ab8.JPG


85410000_DSC_0370a.JPG.c004164487024234e90bdd6631bf2cab.JPG   759412457_DSC_0373a.JPG.7d1fe88abe3d4f5144cc4f1cfe467039.JPG



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2 minutes ago, Capt Stephen D Hill, SASS #56151 said:

What bbl length??


Doh!  Missed that, thank you.

They fit up 5-1/2" barrels.  I'll edit that.


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