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Powder Settling in Hopper

Null N. Void

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For info.  YMMV. 


I've always had some drift in my powder drops on a Dillon SDB.  It's seems to settle out after a day or two if I leave the powder in the hopper.   I wanted to see how much the the density was shifting.  I filled the hopper to the red mark and then tapped and rattled the hopper to get the powder to settle.  The powder is Promo.   The difference is about 10%.  Once I settle the powder, it stays constant during the sessions even if I add powder to the hopper as I go along.



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There's powder baffles made to fit the Dillon hoppers that help with keeping the weight of the powder off of the powder being dispensed.  I find them very helpful.


And, different powders settle different amounts.  Dense ball powders not much.  Large flake much more settling. 



Good luck, GJ

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