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Knocking off the rust

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Was great to be out shooting again!  Seemed my pistol sights disappeared over the last couple of months. Too many misses! 

some other things I noticed. We had 3 SDQs at our match for various reasons. 

One shooter left the LT with loaded pistols in holsters. 
One shooter dropped a empty shotgun while shucking

One shooter holstered a cocked pistol. 

While it’s easy to say “it’s just a monthly match” or whatever, it’s important that we follow the rules and give the proper penalty when earned. 

now, onto the next match and more fun!  Shooting Trailhead next Saturday, first 2 day annual in a looooong time!  

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That's what happens when a pandemic keeps everyone sidelined, I guess. 

Shot a great match last Saturday; I made sure to re-paint my pistol sights so they wouldn't disappear! Everyone was safe and didn't have any SDQs...only had 2 clean shooters though.


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