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H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

Short Barrel Colts, not a Sheriff's model

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I know that some of the clone makers are marketing short barreled pistols, that is to say 3.5" with an ejector rod, so they are therefore not Sheriff's models.


I have only ever seen 1 Colt in this configuration, and it was a 3rd generation gun.  The seller wanted, in my opinion, too much money for it.


Question:  Did Colt in the First or Second Generation days ever make any short barreled SAA's in significant numbers, or would it have been a very rare custom order like I am assuming that 3rd Gens are.

Third Gens and clones are not an option for me unless one was already sold and registered in the state where I live prior to 1998.

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Posted (edited)

Colt never offered short barreled SAAs with ejector housings in the 1st or 2nd generation.  However, given the fact that Colt would pretty much make whatever you wanted on special order, it is possible that they built one as a custom order.  But, I have never heard of one or seen one in a collector book.  Such a gun (if it ever existed) would be a very rare and expensive collectors item.  I would look on such a gun as a non factory modification unless the Colt records proved otherwise.  

Edited by Doc Coles SASS 1188

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