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Charlie T Waite

Has time for quiet tolerance come to an end?

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Policies that disarm the public, even incrementally,
disarm Jewish People and are unacceptable

"Gun control isn't crime control."

Democrats' platform promotes gun bans,
confiscations,anti-Semitic at their core

Disarming Jews—and everyone else "equally"—with the Democrats' new bill is no excuse and justifies nothing (HR 5717).Whether demanding confiscation of disfavored guns, limiting ammunition capacity, restricting sales to innocent people by any means or licensing schemes and taxes, gun control affects the freedom and defense of Jews, fitting definitions of anti-Semitism. Other people equally affected should be equally offended. Officials who do this violate explicit terms in the Constitution and need to be removed from office for failing to preserve, protect and defend that document, as their oath of office requires.

"Bills that disarm Jewish people are abominable, reminding us of WWII-era policies that led to mass genocide," according to the leadership of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO is a leading civil-rights organization resisting gun-rights denials, and educating about genocide for three decades. JPFO works to protect the right to arms for self defense and personal resistance to slaughter—constantly under attack—primarily from government.

Democrats have introduced bills at the federal and state level with draconian limits on freedoms Americans have, which would restrict gun rights for Jews and everyone. "We resist anti-Semites, who don't plan to give up their guns," JPFO asserts.

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Gun control bills leave any and all minority groups vulnerable to the whims of the majority which was never the point of the constitution. It was designed so that the rights of man would be protected not attacked by the government. Unfortunately the original ideals of the founding fathers have been corrupted over the last hundred years - prohibition-gun control-imperial presidency-war on drugs. Somehow we need to find a way to teach the new generations what freedom means. One of the first lessons is that freedom comes with risk, but the risk of not having freedom is much, much greater than any short term dangers. Just my two cents. 

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The basic thought behind the Constitution was to protect the citizens in general from tyranny and the minority’s from overbearing majorities!!


This nation is NOT, I repeat, NOT a democracy!!  It is a constitutional republic!!


The electoral college was established for the very same reason!  


We prevent the majority from taking unfair advantage of any and all minorities!

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