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►► Cautious return to Thunder River Renegades Shooting this Saturday, May 9th

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The board has been monitoring the news, member input and the bones of dead chickens in trying to come up with a time to get back to our matches in a safe manner.  This is what we have decided:


Firstly we are counting on the members to be honest with themselves, to paraphrase a SASS rule:

If you are sick = don’t come

If you think you are sick = don’t come

If you know you’re healthy = come on out


This Saturday, May 9th we will hold a match with the following safeguards in place:

1.    Posses will be limited to 12 shooters—we know that’s going to require everyone to work harder with posse duties.

a.    1 Shooter, 

b.    1 Timer Operator 

c.    3 spotters 

d.    1 scoring 

e.    1 brass, 

f.     2 loading 

g.    1 unloading 

h.    1 watching the unloading table 

i.      1 floater or those needing to pee


2.    If you want to wear a mask by all means do so.  Any type is fine from N95 to your bandanna.  Club doesn't have any to share so bring you own.

3.    Stay spread out during registration, the safety meeting and at the stages.  Spotters can do their jobs from outside the buildings, change ROs frequently, don’t bunch up at the loading/unloading tables; in other words keep your distance.

4.    When:  this Saturday, May 9th

Time:  registration ends at 8:30

Safety Meeting:  9:00 a.m.


Let’s return to the Old West in a safe and sane manner and blow the heck out of the targets


. . . . . . . . . .


Did notice the day after this Governor Abbott opened some more non-essential businesses--just needed a push from the club

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