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Price Lowered to $750-WTS-Marlin '94 JM CBL 45LC

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IMG_0837.thumb.jpg.0bab71efccfb2dab54267442a061fa4c.jpgIMG_0838.thumb.jpg.097f5dc1aed5406b78e392731a7d5803.jpg IMG_0846.thumb.jpg.43f1982f448d5636407774f624e71af6.jpgIMG_0845.thumb.jpg.9ac4bb8cbffd03c7598bafd5bb7d3c87.jpgIMG_0844.thumb.jpg.168c532e486ff80454def5a9a0a01617.jpgIMG_0843.thumb.jpg.da867c965c8388a6d7ecdcb39297758f.jpgIMG_0842.thumb.jpg.a136c50fd22f63772125d69603f9096d.jpgIMG_0841.thumb.jpg.f87dbee633a3a3468f303cb202dfa0ab.jpgIMG_0840.thumb.jpg.aaaba825d3f57205a5fa731added70fc.jpg1245147115_IMG_06193copy.thumb.jpg.8148ae497a6486a41e7117838d49ab5c.jpg1306078663_IMG_06201copy2.thumb.jpg.0976cae115fb0489647ef9d3b5d4e0f5.jpg

Marlin '94 Cowboy Limited 45LC (JM)

                            -JM- 1996 production

                             -Sure Hit front sight

                            -24" Octagonal barrel

                            -Buffalo hide butt stock cover and lever wrap

                            -Excellent condition- a few cart and safe rubs

                            -Very smooth action

                            -Original box with papers

                            -$750 (negotiable) plus $35 shipping

I have 2 45LC (JM) CBLs and need to sell them because I shoot .38s.  If I sell them both I will keep my CBC.  The other CBL is also in excellent condition and unmodified.  It is polished some with a very smooth action,  but does not have the large Sure Hit front sight.   It will be a  firm $900 (which is what I paid for it last year) plus shipping of $35.

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The original safety is not in the box, but the original hammer spur and allen wrench are.  See also the photo of the original purchase date in 1996.

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Price lowered to $750.00 for this beauty.   Extremely nice for a 23 year old shooter.

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