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FS Ruger Rig 71/2 Holsters 44/45

Wild Willi

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Help me!  I hung this rig in my closet some time back.  When I got it out it had shrunk so bad it no longer fits.  My wife swears I have gained a bunch of weight but i ASSURE YOU IT SHRUNK!  The good news is it Preshrunk!  Now I bought this fully lined Kirkpatrick Chestnut brown belt with lighter brown tang and belt buckle end.  The belt is a wide 2 3/4 inches with 44/45 loops.($225) Well I needed Holster  for my 7.5 Old Model Vaquero . So I ordered John Bianchi frontier gunleather Half-Breed Holsters ($190ea) with the hand rubbed Chestnut finish (+ $25ea).  Also custom ordered the lighter brown belts on the holster to match the belt.  I do not remember the cost for that. http://www.frontiergunleather.com/index.php/gunbelts-holsters-i/western-holsters#!/Half-Breed-Holster/p/10236622/category=6293040 .

Total is Over $650

Because of the shrinkage my no haggle price to you is $300 plus shipping.  Now I want to move her fast as she is a bone of contention here.

Be a Hero save me!



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