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Captain Bill Burt

Black Powder and substitutes

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I'm prone to pick up old powder measures when I run across them at a reasonable price.   Last fall I bought a Dillon 450 style manual measure at a reasonable price.  I have been using one on my old 450 for may years and enjoy the simplicity over the new auto measure.  


Flash forward to earlier in this week.  I've been catching up on loading my ammo with BlackMZ.   I had up until now used my Lyman 55 black powder measure on top of a Lee powder through expander die. The humidity is very high and I had to work quickly to keep the measure from gumming up. But it got gummy on me several times.   So... seeing so many have been using the Dillon measures to load black and subs, I decided to convert over.   Getting advice from Jackson Rose,  I installed the large bar.  Before installing,   I laid the bar on the bench and dipped 1cc of BlackMZ and poured it into the powder cavity of the bar. It filled the cavity at just about closed setting.   Worked like a charm.  Much easier to slap the bar than to crank the handle.  And it didn't gum up.  I got done and promptly dumped the powder back into jar and pulled the bar.  It looked very clean but I scrubbed it up anyway.  

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