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BP guns for sale

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Up for sale is a couple of black powder guns i dont shoot. im selling because its time for me to get a decent rig, which as you know, is not cheap.


first up:


unknown maker 12 Ga sxs muzzle loader shotgun:


bore is not too bad for its age, wasnt very well taken care of. if you were to replace the nipples, it could be a shooter again but for now its just a wall hanger. in fair shape for its age. under the barrel it does have the leige proof stamp but thats all i could find, may be english, may be something else, i just dont know. PENDING TRADE


steel frame pietta 44 58 remington 8" barrel with adjustable sites:


i bought this as a project i was going to build another stubby out of but it didnt want its barrel cut off so i rebuilt it, tuned it and timed it. it shoots amazingly well and is pinpoint accurate! has some minor pitting in the barrel but the chambers are near perfect. she's got some wounds and scratches but is a good solid shooter! $175 shipped to your door


steel frame Uberti 1860 colt 44:


I got this in a trade and took it out and shot it once, it is a nail driver! it has been tuned and has had the arbor length fixed. locks up tight and like i said before, shoots fantastic! Has tresco nipples. a few minor dings in the grips and has a light marks at the bolt lock slots but otherwise in beautiful condition $275 shipped to your door.


payment via paypal (preferred) postal m.o., check, cash etc...
















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Edited by Boomstick Bruce

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