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  1. Dang it, that's purrrdy! I wish I was cash heavy! I might have to sell a couple of my cap guns to fund this. If it don't sell first. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Man, that is just gorgeous. I love my Miroku/Winchester 66, but I might have to sell it off to get a Henry. Love it.
  3. Marshal Mo, I'm looking to make some grips for an 1860 Army. Are there any pieces big enough for such a project? Thank you Sir.
  4. Thanks No Horse Hair. I am actually looking for a 1st or 2nd Model. I appreciate the offer. Sedalia Dave. Yes please on the pictures of the 2nd Model. Thank you very much. I'll PM you my email address.
  5. Selling a few of my black powder pistols. First up. Pietta 1851 Navy. .36 caliber. Steel backstrap and trigger guard, with engraving. Date code CN. Like new but no box. $280 shipped. Second. Pietta's version of the 62 Police. In reality, it's a 61 Navy with a Sheriff's length barrel. .36 caliber. The arbor was short on this one, and the previous owner put a brass button on the arbor hole to set the cylinder clearance. Nice pistol. Date code BH. Have the box and papers for this one. $210 shipped. Payment by postal money order or PayPal friends and family. I'll ship as soon as funds are in my hand. I'd also be interested in trading both pistols for a 1st or 2nd Model Dragoon. Thanks for looking. Trade deal is pending. Thanks!
  6. This company has the 1860 Army Sheriff in .36 caliber. I know, the Army didn't come in .36 but they have them. 5.5" barrel, and the price is right. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/829664249
  7. Hey Asa, I'll take that last shirt. Tell me where to send the gold. Thanks.
  8. @Razorback Red I just know I did this wrong.
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