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  1. Bulls Head Bill, I wear a 13EE in Tony Lama boots. Are the Buffalo Runners comparable width wise? Thank you Sir!
  2. You can also find one on GB. There's a "Find an FFL" function. It lists all the dealers in your area that are willing to do private transfers. Hope you find someone.
  3. Hey Hillbilly, is that the headstock to a ukulele hanging on the wall? Did you go "Pete Townsend" on it? LOL! Seriously though, I like the new setup. Nice work.
  4. Nice collection! I have that same box of Hi-Power paper shotshells. I used to have two boxes but my brothers and I couldn't resist the urge to shoot a box. They were my grandfather's and we shot them out of his gun. So I guess it was fitting.
  5. We recently sold our house and are living in an apartment until we decide where we're moving. So space is a premium around here. This was my solution. We have a decent size patio with a closet for storage. So I mounted the presses to an old dresser, and mounted the dresser to a furniture dolly. I just roll it out of the closet when I need it.
  6. It looks like an earlier Italian replica, that's been defarbed, artificially aged and restamped, to look like an old original. A lot of re-enactors have that done. It's hard to tell the original manufacturer because all the original Italian markings are gone. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than myself will be able to tell you from the legend on top of the barrel. Bruce is correct though, go to the website he posted and check it out. Lots of Colt and Colt clone knowledge there.
  7. I guess that settles it. Thanks for all the input everyone. Style points are outweighed by safety, as it should be. Driftwood, that Stevens is a thing of beauty. I'd be proud to own and shoot that gun. I also have a Stevens that belonged to my step father's Dad. It isn't a hammer gun and was made in the 50's. It's my go-to bird gun.
  8. I agree about the quality of the gun. It's actually my point. LC Smith, Parker, etc. All have a "feel" to them. It's missing in the modern guns. To me. They feel cheaper in the hand. Not sure if that makes sense. Basically it's like this, at least to me. Some folks go out of their way to be historically correct with everything. Even if they can't get originals, they get exact copies. SAA, 66 or 73 Winchester, all BP era guns. Why not go the extra mile and use a shotgun that was also designed for BP? Just for the fun of it.
  9. No Sir, but I've been looking at them. I would like to use one in matches if it is legal.
  10. Howdy everyone. I'm like a lot of you, in the fact that I put a lot of emphasis on equipment correctness. I'd rather use an original gun (if I can afford it), or an accurate copy if available. With that said, I've been looking at shotguns. The more modern examples of SxS guns, leave me a little cold. I would much prefer an old gun in my hands. Just feels better to me. Sorry for the ramble, I'll get to the actual question. Are Damascus barreled guns legal, if shooting black powder? I read through the rules twice and there's no mention of it either way. Obviously we couldn't use them if we are shooting smokeless, but for BP they're perfectly safe. There are a lot of old shotguns out there, with hammers and Damascus barrels, that are just waiting to be used. So what do you all think? Or did I just plain miss the rule against them somewhere? Thanks for your opinions.
  11. Tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive them. You can always email me at shotgundaveg@gmail.com Thanks!
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