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  1. Yes Sir, it was a beautiful day yesterday. I'm going to have to come down and see you guys in Escondido. I'm just up the road from you in Menifee.
  2. Thanks Dawg! I agree 100%!! Were you there Yul? I'm sorry I missed you! I'm certain our paths will cross again. Hope they're not getting wet up there today. Weather is pretty gloomy today.
  3. I was finally able to attend my first shoot at The Cajon Cowboys yesterday. Beartrap and Razorback Red, took me under their wing , and gave me expert guidance. Everyone I met was absolutely amazing. I felt like I'd been part of the family forever. Thank you all so much for making it the best day ever!
  4. Received my Polish Capper yesterday. It's a beautifully made product. I tried it on all of my pistols, and it works perfectly. Thank you for the great product and the wonderful service.
  5. Thanks Dawg! Diamond Curly PM'd me 3 minutes before your post. I've replied to him and I'm awaiting his response. If he passes, or it falls through, you have second dibs. Thank you Sir!
  6. Just like it says. I have this Pietta 51 Navy with the silvered backstrap and trigger guard. I'd like to put an Army size BS/TG on this gun. So if you're of a mind to trade my complete assembly for yours, let me know. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hey Stopsign, a few more details might make it easier to find one. .36 or .44 caliber? Are you looking for a 1851 black powder pistol, that's been converted with a drop in cylinder? Or one that has been modified with a loading gate and ejector? Knowing these details will narrow your search down quite a bit. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  8. Our pets become family, there's no doubt about it. So very sorry for your loss. Taz will be waiting at the rainbow bridge. You can count on it.
  9. I love that you can hear the guy in the background actually say, "Damn, that's a big gun!" LOL!
  10. Well shoot. If I didn't already give you all my money, I'd get this one too. Saturday night bump for a good pard.
  11. I have this rigs slightly darker twin, that I got from Hillbilly a few months ago. I can attest to it's beauty and fine craftsmanship. If'n ya need a really nice rig, this is it.
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions Fellas! I did very close to what you said to do, OLG. I used a fine emery board with a little gun oil on it. Held the gate down with a dowel, and went at the edge slowly. It's nice and soft now. No more fillet'd thumb!
  13. Thanks OLG, that's what I was thinking.
  14. I recently bought this rifle from a SASS member. I LOVE this rifle. My question is about the loading port. As I've shown in the picture, the leading edge of the port is literally as sharp as a razor blade. When sliding rounds into the magazine, you have to be very careful not to slice your thumb off. Loading it for a stage won't be too bad, I'll just have to be mindful of it and not cut myself. But I can see where if I was stuffing a cartridge in it on the clock and under pressure, I'll probably need medical attention. What do you suggest? I could probably take a small diamond file or a stone, and round it off. I'm thinking this is the best course of action. What do you think? Does anyone else with a Miroku/Winchester have the same dilemma?
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