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  1. I bought this vest here a few weeks ago, hoping it would fit. It doesn't (I'm too fat). It's a Frontier Classics, size 2X. Olive green with pillow ticking stripe. $35 shipped.SPF I also have a pair of Tony Lama Ostrich boots. Used but not used up. Nice shape for every day wear. Men's size 8 1/2EE. $50 shipped. PayPal Friends and Family or Postal MO please. Thanks!
  2. Here's another one I have for sale. It's an Uberti Leech & Rigdon that's been worked over good. It has had the arbor length corrected and runs smooth. The arbor has a steel button soldered to the end to correct it's length. If you don't wish it to be there, a little heat from a soldering iron will remove it easily, with no damage to the gun. It also has Tresso nipples on it and the front sight has been raised to adjust point of aim/point of impact. It's a straight shooter for sure. The hammer has been modified with a notch, so you can install a cap rake if you so desire. The hammer notch rear sight has also been widened and lowered. The cylinder is plain, as it should be for an L&R. No scene engraved on it. This pistol has the smoothest action of any of my C&B guns. It's a real beauty. Of course, it's .36 caliber. Included with sale is the hand made belt and holster. Holster is formed to the gun. I'm a 44" waist and the belt is loose on me. You could make it smaller if needed. $325 $300 shipped to the continental US. Money order or PayPal Friends and Family please. Thanks for looking.
  3. Sold pending funds to Sedalia Dave. Thank you Sir!
  4. Thanks Wild Ben! I completely agree! I have a LOT of C&B guns. They're my favorite. I'm only selling this one because I want another one that's for sale here on The Wire.
  5. Sorry for the delay SD. Yes, the nipples are stock. And it's had nothing done to it as long as I've had it. It's never been used in a match, it's only been used for casual shooting, and not that much.
  6. Nice Uberti 1860 Army with the desirable full fluted cylinder. The date code is XXVI and it's in great condition. Very smooth action. Also comes with the pictured accessories including the Civil War US style belt and buckle, Slim Jim right hand cross draw holster and leather cartridge box. I'll also include the Cap and Ball replica paper cartridge box. $425 shipped for everything. Money Order or PayPal Friends and Family please. Thanks for looking.
  7. Oh yes, I like that Warden.
  8. As always, your video is very informative. Should help anyone trying to accomplish this. And your grip making has been taken to new levels! I love the stag!
  9. I've heard good things about that little piece. Did you get the brass ram rod for loading with it?
  10. Decided to keep it. Withdrawn from sale. 1959 made, Gregorelli and Uberti Navy. 59 was the first year of production for Italian Colt clones. It has a low serial number of 1379. There are no date code or proof marks on it. The only thing stamped on it is, the assembly number 59 in several places on the gun. There is no scene engraved on the cylinder. It is smooth. It's .36 caliber. It's in good shape, but little finish remains. It's a shooter, not a collector, and it shoots very well. The gun is nice and tight, not loose at all. I think they made them much better back then than they do now. Any questions, please ask. Please make sure you're allowed to receive black powder guns in your area. First "I'll take it" here, gets it. Thanks for looking!
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