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PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L

Remington NMA/1858 Cylinder Modification

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The SASS Range Operations Committee has APPROVED the modification of Remington NMA/1858 revolvers to open up the cap/nipple recess areas of the cylinders to accommodate the use all types of cappers (e.g. Ted Cash "snail" capper).

This modification has been done for YEARS ... there are numerous YouTube videos showing how to perform the mod, including from well-known CAS shooters...but it is currently NOT on the list of approved modifications.

The modification will be added to the list of approved mods in the next edition of the SASS Shooters Handbook.

Here are a couple of quotes from various discussion boards:

"Remington cylinders do not permit the Ted Cash Snail Capper to work, unless one takes a Dremel Tool, and opens up the sides of the cap recess.”

"The modifying of the cylinder to accommodate a capper is done by simply removing all of the nipples, then taking a Dremel with a 1/4" grinding wheel and just grinding away until your capper fits where the nipple sits.” 


FWIW - The Ruger Old Army revolver cylinder is manufactured such that a "snail" capper can be used without modification.

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Here is a related link to Bottom Dealin Mike, SASS #22273's video:




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