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SOLD: "1858" .44 Remington Frame and Parts 7-3/4" Barrel


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SOLD:  Cleaning out the workshop and I came across another box I forgot I had.

This is the Frame and almost all the parts of a Dixie Gun Works 7-3/4" .44 "1858"

No date code, but Palmetto in Brescia, Italy was making these between 1979 and 1982

Bore is excellent.  Looks like it now has an 11* forcing cone.  Rear sight notch has been widened and squared

All the parts are there except the springs.  The strain screw is frozen and I didn't want to force it.

I don't have any springs to send with it.  Antique finish.


1.JPG.8765ddc7f75626fcd025534dd51486c0.JPG  2.JPG.1a891ca1bda0810ba36bb21503d4912c.JPG


3.JPG.9fe8128238b982e3d31738d1b0621e07.JPG  4.JPG.a42a751e9d732704c5cf4063f86d15fd.JPG


5.JPG.190c91f33b8a20f950ee736737772075.JPG  6.JPG.2d5d22d1ba6b2acf79571cef9fdcb125.JPG


75.00 plus 13.00 for USPS Priority Mail Shipping.




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17 hours ago, Wolfgang, SASS #53480 said:

McCandless . . . the $ is cent to ya . . . . :)

Parts is on their way to you.  You be getting them today or tomorrow.

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